4 Best And Largest Anime Comic-Con In United States

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Japanese, manga, animation, and anime comic-con have drawn a huge number of fans from all around the world. People can’t just have enough of the fictitious world, style, characters that Japanese media brings to life. Not only this event promotes the celebration of Japanese culture and fandoms. Japanese pop culture has often drawn a maximum number of attendees who are eager to participate. 

So, how massive can the largest anime comic-con get? Let’s discuss the ranking from highest to lowest in the United States. This data will be based on the recent yearly attendance, and each one has cool details about what makes each one unique. 

Anime Comic Con NYC

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The yearly attendance of this anime comic con is 20,000, which is located in New York City. The year this anime comic-con started was 2017, with the average ticket prices of $65- $295. 

This three-day anime comic-con allows the participants to completely immerse themselves in Japanese cartoon and pop culture. Most of the people who choose to attend Anime NYC are dressed as their favorite characters. 


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The yearly attendance of this Youmacon anime comic con is 22,142, which is located in Detroit, Michigan. This anime comic-con started in 2005, and the average ticket price is between $60- $155.

Youmacon is the largest anime comic con and gaming convention in the state of Michigan. This convention mainly has strict rules in place that help everyone to make the most of the event, including horseplay, regulations against public drunkenness, encouraging attendees to shower daily, etc. 


The yearly attendance of this anime comic con is 24,894, which is located in Washington, D. C. This anime comic-con started in 1994, and the average ticket price is $100.

Otakon has had humble beginnings with a total number of 300 people during their first year. But gradually this number started increasing since then. Otakorp Inc., which organizes Otakon every year, is a non-profit organization that includes all kinds of educational elements throughout the event. 


The yearly attendance of this anime comic con is 25,000, which is located in Seattle, Washington. Sakura-con was started in 1998, and the average ticket price is $50- $80.

Sakura-con is traditionally held over the occasion of Easter weekend and put together by the Asia-Northwest Cultural Education Association. The organization organizing this event runs programs and activities 24 hours a day throughout the 3-day convention. 


Anime comic con is for children to participate under the age of 13 years, and they must be accompanied by their parents or guardian who must be over 28 years. Anime comic con is a multi-day gathering of fans that focuses on animation, manga, and Japanese culture. Anime comic con is an event that from kids to grandparents will enjoy together and you will get to know about Japanese culture a lot through this. So enjoy your time in an anime comic con with your favorite characters.

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