5 Most Popular Comic Book Movies On Netflix

comic book movies on netflix

Gone are the days of reading comics and waiting to get the next part, which is such a nostalgic moment we love to cherish. All those childhood memories of passing by a bookshop and looking brightly at the comics, taking them home and not being patient to wait till the afternoon, reading them and & looking forward to getting the next part another week, and having a beautiful collection on your bookshelf, comics take us to a whole new dimension. Nowadays it has become rare since most books are digitized and turned into movies and TV shows, but it is also an amazing experience to relive those moments by watching those movies based on comics. Most popular comics have been made into movies and almost all of them are available on Netflix to watch, here are 5 of them.


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One of Stan Lee’s most popular and oldest comic characters is Spiderman, there has been no comic addict who did not read this series. Moreover, this comic series was never-ending, full of twists, new adventures, Peter Parker’s personal life, and the challenges he faced for being a superhero. Back in 2002 when the first Spiderman was released and it became worldwide famous, now we have more than 5 Spiderman movies and all of them are based on the comics. Most of the spiderman movies are available on Netflix including the animated “Spiderman- into the spider verse”.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

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The Dark Knight comic was created by Frank Miller that has 4 issues with more than 50 volumes, it was published in 1986 that describes the life of Gotham City, the hero Batman, and his face-off with the villains. Batman got popular in movies when director Christopher Nolan made The Batman Trilogy starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger.

Doctor Strange

Most people did not know Doctor Strange until Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced the movie, there has been another Doctor Strange movie in 1978 which failed to be in the limelight. Moreover, the concept of Dr. Strange charmed the audience, when he appeared in Marvel’s Infinity War and Endgame; people loved his powers, struggles, and wisdom. The Doctor Strange movie as well as the Infinity War and Endgame are available to stream on Netflix for most regions.

DC’s Justice League

Zack Synder’s Justice League is one of the most popular movies of DC Universe which is based on the same comics, it is all about the heroes assembling against bad. There are 3 other Justice league movies but Synder’s is the most demanded, you can catch Superman, Wonder woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Batman together.


Akira is the 1988 anime movie based on Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga comic series of the same name. The story is a post WWIII dystopian setting in Tokyo, overridden with terrorism, the abuse of military power, and two teen kids trying to change the future. The movie is similar to the comic, full of action, motorcycles, and lots of psychic explosions which introduced America to anime. It is available on Netflix for most of the regions, you can also have the translations and dubbing.


Some other comic book movies on Netflix include- Hellboy, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Thor, X-Men, etc.

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