5 Most Powerful Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul

In the Tokyo Ghoul series, there are a number of characters who use their powers to do terrible things. But some ghouls have more power than others. These five powerful characters in Tokyo ghoul have been shown to be incredibly dangerous and difficult to handle when they get angry or provoked.


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Vatidoro is a large-framed man with an enormous appetite for human flesh, which he hunts by covering himself in blood and pretending to be injured so that people will come close enough to him before he attacks them. He has exceptional regenerative abilities from his kagune, which can heal any wounds inflicted on him including decapitation in seconds. This makes him one of the most dangerous ghouls to face.


Nishiki is a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid who was raised to hate humans and seeks to destroy them. He appears to be a mindless killing machine who fights without hesitation and continues to fight even after sustaining fatal injuries. His kagune is the most versatile of all the ghouls seen to date, and he possesses the ability to harden it to use as armor and to create weapons such as a drill or a blade. Nishiki is one of the most dangerous characters to face, especially when angered.


Itori is an incredibly strange individual who can hide her true personality behind a smile. She is very intelligent and knows about everything tokyo ghoul, even information that isn’t known to the public. Her kagune has the ability to take on many forms including a bladed whip or to create tendrils to trap her opponents. Itori may not be the strongest of all the ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul, but her intellect and ability to control her kagune makes her just as dangerous.

Seidou Takizawa:

Seidou is an investigator who has been implanted with a prototype Quinx kagune to transform him into a half-ghoul, half-human to increase his abilities. He becomes obsessed with finding Rize to understand his transformation and to gain more power to defeat the ghouls. His kagune is a blade similar to a quinque, which he summons from his arm to attack opponents with lethal accuracy as shown when fighting Koutarou Amon.

Ken Kaneki:

The protagonist of tokyo ghoul, Kaneki is a quiet and reserved individual who prefers to stay away from other people to avoid any fights or conflicts. He has overwhelming strength when his kagune is released, which he channels to destroy opponents easily while avoiding getting seriously injured himself. His kagune can transform to take the form of a centipede to attack with a variety of attacks to defeat opponents from a distance. He is one of the most powerful characters to face in tokyo ghoul and has been known to defeat most ghouls he faces by himself. In his own words, “All I want is to live, just as other ordinary humans do.”


Although there are many other strong characters and ghouls in the anime series, the five ghouls we have mentioned above have gotten some serious character developments, making them one of the most memorable and strongest ghouls ever in the series. If you think we should have added any other ghoul’s name in this article, let us know in the comment section. We will love to discuss it further!

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