5 Top-Notch Animated Movies To Watch On Christmas Eve

Good Animated Films

Growing up as 90s kids, we have watched numerous animated cartoons. The 90s were the golden age of animated series through which we all are brought up. Animated cartoons like,’ The Flintstones

List Of Must Not Miss Animated Movies

A dog looking at the camera

Fantastic Mr. Fox – 2009

A woman and a dog sitting in front of a window

Stop-motion animated plus comedy film directed by Wes Anderson. The story follows the element of realism, though, in a comical way. There’s a Mr. Fox, a protagonist responsible for his family’s well-being over his desires in the movie. Mr. Foxy cunningly steals food from three gluttony farmers to feed his family and fellow animals. This is the incomparable work represented by Anderson and his attention to detail, which makes it clear that he cares about the visual experience.

Inside Out – 2015

Inside Out

Isle Of Dogs – 2018

Wes Anderson’s iconic cinematography and meticulous animation of his animated feature

Whisper Of The Heart – 1995

Whisper of the Heart is

Grave Of The Fireflies – 1998

This movie withstands the veins of emotions throughout the movie. Watching this will shake you down but at the same time gives you strength. The dystopian setting follows the heart-wrenching incident of wartime where siblings named Setsuko and Seita, a protagonist, lost their mother in the Kobe firebombing of World War II, which leads them to a constant struggle for survival.


To draw the inference, the above mentioned first-rate animated movies of which some people are still unaware can find the movie recommendations helpful. You won’t be regretting your Christmas Eve by giving a shot to any of these movies.

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