7 Must-Read Anime Manga Comic Of All Time

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Anime manga comics have been Japan’s most popular cultural exports, and will be forever. Moreover, the anime industry wouldn’t have existed without the manga industry. So, if you want to see more detail and depth about your favorite series, reading manga is your go-to destination. Here are the most popular picks that you should start reading right now.


This manga is about a delinquent teacher named Eikichi Onizuka who led a rough life, until he decided to be a teacher. Inside, you find out his daily struggles about himself and with other people as well. Nevertheless, he tries to prove to everyone that he can be a great teacher.

Made In Abyss

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This manga is about a hole in the Earth, but there’s more into that. The Abyss is a gigantic opening on the ground, that people dared to explore but failed to do so. However, that doesn’t stop a group of brave cave explorers to try mapping this place out.

Monogatari Series: First Season

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This manga is rich in stories about personal dramas, ghosts, psychological scars, and monsters. Koyomi Araragi, the main protagonist, continuously gets involved with other supernatural monsters and beings but tries to regain his humanity and fix those aberrations. However, it’s not that easy.

20th Century Boys

This manga follows a store manager named Kenji Endo, who’s definite that his life won’t change anymore. But then he hears a suicide of a childhood friend, and he soon finds himself involved in finding the deadly cult that responsible for it. The manga explores the lives of protagonist and his friends as they try to save the world from certain doom.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is one of the original sports anime you can read in manga. It has a beginner-friendly plot, so any reader without any knowledge about basketball can still relate with it. The story follows Sakuragi Hanamichi who isn’t interested at first, but becomes passionate about it later on. Overall, Slam Dunk has enough action and humor to keep you occupied to the last chapter.

Solo Levelling

This Korean comic is based in the same web novel of the same name. For those who enjoy reading “zero to hero” plots, this is definitely for you. The characters are simple, and the plot has a more of a slice of life approach, which is extremely relatable to the average reader. Lastly, it will surely draw you in, since its art is considered one of the best in the genre.

One Piece

One Piece has been the favorite of millions of readers across the globe due to its simplistic plot. It follows the story of Monkey Luffy as he tries to find the One Piece – a treasure that is buried deep inside the Grand Line. As most shounen plots, the protagonists start as an awkward young boy who makes friends along the way. Furthermore, if you want some manga that’s full of filler chapters, then this one is for you. Lastly, it’s one of the Big Three Shounen so it’s definitely worth the read.

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