9 Popular And Oscar Animated Films

oscar animated films

For many years many producers have been making crowd-pleasing work from their studio and make many animated movies. Several animated movies like ‘the boss baby’ and ‘Kubo and the two strings’ were nominated for an Oscar. Disney is making so many animated films from Disney, and Pixar animation studio was releasing many movies that are nominated for Oscar. It takes a long time to make an animated movie, but for the last many years, everyone ignored these movies. Here we will talk about some Oscar animated films, and you will see the years gap on this list.

List Of Oscar Animated Films

A fish swimming under water

The Little Mermaid

A group of people on a boat in a large body of water

This film was released in 1990 that went on to be nominated for an Oscar for animated films. The little mermaid won an Oscar for the best ‘under the sea’ song and original score.

Beauty And Beast

This is another Oscar animated film that broke Oscar records and was released in 1992. The beauty and beast movie was nominated for a total of 6 Oscars. It won for the best original song, for the best scores, for the song ‘beauty and beast.’

From this movie, two songs, ‘belle’ and ‘guest,’ were also nominated in the best song category. Apart from that, this film also received a best picture nomination, and beauty and beast is the first film in history to do so, along with one for the best sound. It keeps the title of an animated movie along with the most Oscar nominations, tied with 2008’s ‘wall-e.’


The Tarzan movie was released in 2000. Disney made another victory as Phil collins’s ‘you will be in my heart’ won the award for best original song. However, ‘toy story 2’ was nominated in this category too for the song of Randy Newman ‘when she loved me.’

Finding Nemo

This movie is another Oscar animated film that won an award in the category over ‘the triplets of Belleville’ and ‘brother bear.’ Along with that, this movie also received original scores, screenplay, and sound editing nominations.


This film was released in 2008 and won Oscar for the best-animated feature. This film was also nominated in the original score, sound mixing, sound editing, and screenplay categories.


In 2014, Pixar again won Oscar; this movie became the first film of Disney animation studios to win the animated feature Oscar since Tarzan.

Big Hero 6

The ‘big hero 6’ won the Oscar award for the animated feature award, and it was nominated for only this category. Apart from this, Pixar did not release any movie in 2014.


The long-awaited sequel of Pixar to ‘finding dory,’ ‘Finding Nemo,’ was ignored at the Oscar, but Disney’s zootopia won the animated feature, Oscar. This movie won Oscar in 2017.


This is another Oscar animated films that entered Pixar in the won list again in 2018. This film won the best-animated feature category along with the best song for ‘remember me.’


Here you have read above some of the Oscar animated films that won awards for the last few years. Animated movies deserve Oscar because it takes a long time and effort to make.

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