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manga comics list

Kiss Manga is among the most popular online site for reading the latest manga books. The site developer has devoted a special section to the latest manga list. Not just for the readers, they also include free manga list which is very rare in the online site. So, the reader can see the latest and popular titles.

There are numerous online sites that offer online reading or viewing of manga but this is the most interesting and best way to enjoy reading. You can get your favorite comic book from your home. You can even enjoy your favorite Japanese movies and anime series while you read a story. You can enjoy your favorite Japanese drama and comedy series. There are several online sites that offer a large selection of Japanese manga. You can read your favorite Japanese manga on Kiss Manga.

The List Has Different Formats And Categories

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The list includes many different formats and categories. There are short stories, light novels, graphic novels, manga-zine, and manga magazines. You can also read the Japanese comics on Kiss Manga. There are two main sections that are very famous among the visitors of Kiss Manga. These are the “My Favorite Series” and the “Books of the Month.”

There are many categories and you can choose which ones you like. The “My Favorite Series” allows you to see the manga of your favorite author, artist, or publisher. This is great if you want to see what’s being published by a particular publisher and series. There are more than 500 top quality artists and publishers that are featured on the “My Favorite Series.”

In the “Books of the Month” category you will be able to see the latest releases. Each month there are several titles released to suit the tastes of the reader. It is a great way to keep abreast of the latest releases. There are also a number of titles released each week. These are all free and available in Japanese. If you want to know which are the newest titles, you can visit the “Upcoming Releases” page.

Online Site Which Offers Huge Japanese Manga


There is an online site that offers a huge amount of Japanese manga, which can be downloaded at the click of a button. It is the only place online where you can download all the titles you want. and not just a single title.

When you visit the “Manga” section, you will find that it is organized into several categories. There are categories such as “Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Family, Ghibli, Hetalia, History, Kids, Manga, Martial Arts, Manga, Mystery, Romance, Superheroes, and Toys. If you know your favorite series, you can go to the “Best Sellers” list to see the most popular ones. There are also sections for the best-selling volumes of the past year, volumes written by the best-known authors, creator, and artist.

Visit the “Upcoming Releases” section and you can find out when the next volume of your favorite author’s manga is released. Other sections of the online site to offer special discounts and coupons to get the books for free. You can also save on shipping charges.

Learn More About It

If you are a new comer to the world of manga, there is an online site that offers many sample chapters of all the titles on their list. They also give you the opportunity to read a sample chapter before purchasing the book. You can also read a sample chapter of each title, without paying anything.

You can subscribe to the online site and they will mail you the monthly magazine. for free. You can also buy a one-time subscription for only $10.

You will also find the “Upcoming Releases” page. If you happen to miss any of the new ones, you can go to the “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” section. They have great deals on merchandise such as t-shirts, magnets, pens, coffee mugs, and other items that you can sell with your favorite series. There are also a number of sample chapters of each of the titles.

Bottom Line

The “Upcoming Releases” page has the titles of the top sellers so you know which titles are selling well. You can get a feel of which titles are selling. and what kind of readers you will attract. Once you find the one that you enjoy, you can subscribe to their mailing list.

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Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter