A Few German Animated Movies For Kids You Might Not Have Heard Of

german animated films

The German animation scene is one of the more outstanding in the world today. Animated films and other short films are the most popular form of media worldwide, and they have found a home among audiences all over the globe. This is not surprising, seeing as how these movies have a unique way of telling a story, and they are mostly completely symbolic in nature.

German Animated Films

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When we speak of German animated films, we usually refer to feature length animated features that are released in full color for all ages. These films are a great deal of fun to watch, both for children and adults. Many feature animated children and adults (often with super hero roles), as well as some original, educational features. Whether you’re looking for a German film that’s truly representative of the nation, or you just want to see some of the best animated features being shown in homes across the United States, I highly recommend going out and enjoying some German animated films right now!

 Most Popular Feature Of German Animation 

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The most popular feature of German animation is undoubtedly the Disney franchise. The Disney cartoon series has been around for decades now, and they’ve managed to keep their popularity up through the years. From the time that Walt Disney started producing feature films with a cast of characters consisting of characters from German and international stock characters, the animation world has definitely had its roots set in Germany. And no wonder, considering the level of quality and detail put into the Disney cartoons. No matter how you look at it, watching a German Disney cartoon is just as fun as watching a Japanese one, or an Italian one, for that matter!

Most of the greatest animated features in the world center around a magical creature, such as a dragon, horse, bunny, or snake. It’s pretty easy to understand why people from all over the world fall in love with these creatures. What makes them even more interesting and memorable, is the world that these cartoon characters live in. Whether it’s living in the clouds, the sewers, a cave, a tower, or even underground, a German film needs to make sure that the fairy tales that the characters tell are true to life in order to make the audience believe that it.

History Of The Animation  Started In Germany

If you look at the history of the animation industry, you’ll find that it all started in Germany, before spreading out to other countries. Germany was the first one to truly open the door when it comes to animation, but it didn’t stop there. Japan and Italy soon became major competitors, and then the United States. In the early part of this century, the European Union was starting to become more competitive. This competition created a situation where there was a growing demand for more high quality animations, which tended to create a higher price for those who wanted to get into the animation industry. But you know what?

Bottom Line

In all, there are quite a few different German animation features to enjoy today. These are only a small taste of what is available for you to enjoy. Some are more suited to younger children, while others are more appropriate for people of all ages. Whether you like action-packed adventure cartoons or cute, funny cartoons about lovable German characters, you should be able to find what you’re looking for with the right German animated films for kids.

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