A List Of Animated Disney Movies

list of animated disney films

The original Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first animated feature to be shown during the Valentine’s Day Holiday in 1937. Over the years since then there have been countless movies released and Disney animation continues to grow. The company has a long standing tradition of producing quality animated films.

The most recent animated feature to receive widespread critical acclaim is the film franchise. Boasting an array of talented voiceovers such as George Clooney, James Marsden, Ben Kingsley, and Jennifer Aniston, Cars is a box office hit and winner of numerous awards including the Academy Awards for Best Picture. The cast of Cars is arguably the best cast of all time and all of the actors and actresses return for future appearances in future movies.

A Bug’s Life

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Another animated classic that must be mentioned on this list is A Bug’s Life. Though not as successful as Cars, A Bug’s Life still ranks high on the list because of its unique style and unique humor. A Bug’s Life follows the misadventures of a lovable but unfriendly critter named Buzz Lightyear, who lives among us and loves dancing. Though not as well received by critics, it still ranks high on our list of animated films that should be seen.

Finding Nemo ranks on the second tier of animated films after Cars. The film itself is a huge hit and won eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture. It also received an additional five Oscar nominations including Best Director. One of the most popular animated films of the last decade is Finding Nemo, which was released in June of 2021.

The Lion King

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One of the most talked about animated films of recent years is The Lion King. An animated epic, The Lion King follows the story of the famous lion, Simba from the African Safari. After being raised by a loving father, he is trained by the older, wiser Nala to be a loyal friend and leader of the pride. However, when a son is born to replace him, Simba is left in charge of looking after Nala’s newborn, Leopold. Joining forces with a group of other lions, The Lion King sets out on an adventure to find his son and exact revenge on those who mistreated him as a child.

Finding Nemo ranks near the top of our list of animated films because of the creativity of the filmmakers. The film is a huge hit because of the unique plot and the message it delivers. After seeing the movie for the first time, I was surprised by the warm human-like characters, especially the clownfish. This comedy-adventure is best enjoyed when watching it with family or friends. If you enjoy watching movies with younger children then this is a definite must-see film.

Animated Disney Movie

Finding Nemo might not be on the list for most people, but I can assure you that anyone who has parents or grandparents who were not fans of the animated Disney movie will be able to identify with the feelings I had when I saw it.

If you love dolphins then I would suggest watching Finding Nemo. If you like fantasy films then this is definitely a candidate for the top animated Disney films of all time. The film makes great use of computer animation and is a joy to watch.


As you can see, the list of animated Disney films is pretty big. There are so many different kinds of movies, you could choose from to fill your home with the delightful characters. Whether you like the Disney princesses or not, there is sure to be an animated film that appeals to you. In my opinion the best animated films are those that teach lessons in values, teach children a lesson through story and teaches us how to appreciate the wonder of life. This is why I think the animated films remain on the top of the list.

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