A List Of Comic Book Movies For 2021

list of comic book movies

This list of comic book movies is going to consist of ten films and one television show that I have had the fortune to see. Some are favorites while others, not so much. The list starts with the very first avenger, Superman Returns. While a movie I loved and still collect, it fails to rank as one of the top ten. There are two reasons for this; the lead actor and script.

One major problem with Superman Returns was the lead role of Ben Affleck. He had a small role in the second film, however, he is perhaps one of the best starring heroes in comic book movies. It sets up the template for future films and comic book series. While Ben Affleck did not star in the film, his appearance as the titular character is what made him a fan favorite.

Marvel Comic’s Greatest Comic Book Hero

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Second on the list is the highly underrated, The Mask. I was a huge Spider-Man fan growing up, and The Mask was my first introduction to the Marvel Comic’s greatest comic book hero. I never realized how great this movie actually was until I saw it again many years later. The plot of the movie is incredible. With an amazing acting performance from Johnny Depp, and the amazing work of Lucario and Costa, The Mask is a must-see for any fan of Spider-Man Comics.

Another fantastic superhero movie that came out in 2021 was Wonder Woman. This movie did not do it’s rating on the critics list due to some very poor marketing. However, I think it turned out to be a huge hit with audiences, and I am definitely a fan! Gal Gadot brings a new look to the role of Wonder Woman, and it is obvious that she is going to be one of the best ever portrayals of a comic book superhero. I believe that Patty Ford was the best choice for the role and has brought some much needed enthusiasm to the role. I would look forward to future films starring Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Batman Timeline

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The third and final installment in the Batman timeline, Batman or Superman: Dawn of Justice was a major hit with critics and audiences. In this installment, the Man of Steel is introduced, and after seeing how the fight between the Wonders of Steel and the Psycho Clown Fish affected both heroes, a new crime fighting team was formed. Affleck plays the role of Batman, while Henry Cavill takes on the role of Superman.

It was very refreshing to see Cavill shine in a different role, and he definitely brought a unique look to the Man of Steel to suit. The visual elements of the film were extremely well done, and I’m looking forward to future Batman films based off the new trilogy that Disney will be releasing in the near future.

Based on the graphic novel Hellboy, the upcoming fourth season of The Flash will feature a different superhero altogether. There will be a spinoff based around The Flash, and it will be written by Greg Berlanti. I am not sure if I’m excited for a spinoff or not, but the interesting part about The Flash and The Fantastic Four is that they are not the same comic book movies that we’ve seen before. Although the trailers and TV shows have shown us what to expect from the films based on these superheroes, The Flash looks like it will be an interesting, lighter, and more enjoyable experience.

Positive Reviews

The movie received mostly positive reviews, and critics thought that The Flash was a fun and entertaining film. Some critics stated that the special effects were cheap and that the entire movie felt long and drawn out, but overall the critics were generally happy with the movie. The main villain for this movie, a villainous scientist known as Dr. Alchemy, was not as interesting as some previous comic book villains, but it still was not a disappointment. The Flash received a better than expected opening night and has received a steady amount of positive viewers, which bodes well for the future of the series.

If The Flash is performing as well as it is, then the next major DC superhero movie will be the movie titled Gotham City Sights. This movie will star Tom Hardy as The Flash, and he is also starring in the upcoming Man of Steel film as John Clark, who happens to be the younger half-sister of The Flash.

Final Verdict

Hardy’s take on The Flash is definitely a great role for him, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next. The next few months will reveal what the upcoming line of DC comics superheros will do!

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