A Number of Comic Book Movies Are Getting Animated

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You may have heard that some of the upcoming animated superhero films out in theaters are based on the popular comic book versions. What you might not know is that some movies have been given the same treatment as well. Here are some of the best comic book movie adaptations to watch this summer.

Iron Man: Comic Book Movies Animated

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The first animated Marvel Studios film, Iron Man, was released to a great deal of acclaim. However, it’s interesting to note that it’s a relatively modern take on this particular superhero. With an excellent storyline and an impressive array of visual effects, it’s easy to see why the Marvel brand is so popular today.

This movie was one of the most controversial of all Marvel animated creations. Iron Man introduced a whole new generation to the concept of the Iron Man suit. This suit is one of the more technologically advanced pieces of comic book armor that you’ll find.

Film Starred Robert Downey Jr. 

This new age of comic book films is currently experiencing one of its biggest successes ever. This film, starring Robert Downey Jr., has been received very positively by critics and fans alike. Though it’s a bit slow-paced, it’s definitely worth your time to watch.

First X-Men Movie: Comic Book Movies Animated

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If you enjoyed the first X-Men movie, you’re sure to appreciate this second installment, which stars Kurt Russell and Jennifer Lawrence. The movie follows the characters as they battle to save the world from the evil mutant Professor X.

This movie features a huge star-studded cast, and it’s definitely worth a watch if you want to catch the big-name action star onscreen. It’s also worth noting that this film is extremely funny. Whether you laugh or you cry, the result is certainly worth watching.

The second installment of this film series is sure to be a big hit. Don’t expect the same story as the first one, but don’t be surprised if you find that the new cast members are quite likable as well. It’s been praised by many critics for being a great film.

As you can tell, there are many animated comic book films available right now, but these are just a few of the ones that have already made their way to the big screen. Take a look around the web to see what others have to say about them.

X-Men Cartoon: Comic Book Movies Animated

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Of course, we don’t have to go back to the original X-Men cartoon to get a comic book movie with a huge cast of iconic characters. This movie follows the storyline of the first installment. While some might be upset that the sequel won’t feature any X-Men, it’s important to remember that this film was released before X-Men’s release: The Last Stand. X-Men: First Class was released before this film, too.

This movie is one of the most acclaimed animated comic book films of all time, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. It was one of the most beloved films of the last few decades, simply because it was such a huge box office hit. It’s also notable for featuring several fan favorites.


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While it’s no surprise that the X-Men movie is a huge hit, it seems like it’s a no-brainer that Spiderman would also be one. The animated version of the classic superhero has also been a huge success, thanks in part to the popularity of Tobey Maguire as the title character.

This film franchise has been so popular that a sequel was created and is currently in theaters. This movie, Spiderman, has been quite successful, despite the backlash that resulted from the first film.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that you’re going to have a lot to choose from when it comes to comic book movies today. So whether you’re a fan of the classics or you’re a newbie, it will be a fun experience to watch several animated comic book films that feature well-known actors.

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