A Review of Adventure Time Anime Comic

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Adventure Time has been a popular animated show on television. It is a spinoff of the Japanese show, Dragonball. The series follows Jake O’Brien who travels across time and space to find a legendary ‘Further Fruit.’ The fruit is named “Further” because it grows most of its body out of fur. Jake ends up finding this legendary fruit and taking it back with him to the 21st century. The adventures of Jake O’Brien have made this series one of my favorite cartoons of all time.

An Overview

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In the second season of the show, “The Lich King,” the third book of the series was released. In this book, “The Cold Warrior,” Jake returns to the 20th century and finds himself working with the United States military. In “The Ghost Army,” the fourth book in the series, Jake finds himself traveling to the future to help his father deal with a monster attack on the planet that looks like Godzilla. He also works with the US military to stop the evil forces from taking over the world.

This animated series has received critical acclaim. Many adults are familiar with the show or at least have seen it at some point. If you are unfamiliar with the story, there is an easy way to get caught up. I will give you a brief synopsis of the plot, and then I will give you the link for a complete guide to the story.

The Mystery 

In the second episode of the first season, “Chronicles of Mystery,” Princess Bubblegum tries to use her magic ring to jump-start her memories. Unfortunately, she has forgotten who she is, and without her memory she falls into a strange coma. She wakes up in an unknown place and takes a look at the time card she finds, which chronicles her adventures. Using the information on the card, she realizes that she has traveled back in time, and since she does not know when or where she is, she needs to find help before time runs out.

In an effort to help her, Riko decides to use her magic ring to jump-start her memory. However, when she attempts to use her magic ring again to travel back in time, she realizes that she has traveled to the present and is faced with a series of unfortunate circumstances. Because of this, she uses her newly found knowledge of adventure time to help her friends, who are stuck in another era.

Most Interesting Part 

The interesting part about this anime series is that it takes place in an alternate universe where magic is the main form of transportation. Because of this, you get to see the adventures of a young woman in modern day Japan. Riko’s friends travel back in time and are faced with many challenges. In this story line, we get to see the progression of the characters’ adventures, as they learn more about themselves, as well as learn about the mystical powers that are part of their world. You get to see their relationships grow, and their use of magical powers begins to change their lives.

Another good thing about this anime series is that it’s drawn by a very famous mangaka, Tomoko Ninomiya. She has created a very interesting story, which makes it interesting to watch. Her style is also very unique, and you might have a hard time looking at this comic. In fact, I know I personally prefer her style over most other anime comic manga artists.


Overall, this is a great collection for someone who likes adventure time. It’s written in a very easy to understand style, and the cartoon series itself is very enjoyable to watch. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys anime and wants to read a good, mature story.

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