Anime Love Comic Concepts And Ideas To Know

anime love comic

Most of the time, the genre caters to the shoujo manga fans. However, the target audience is much broader than you might expect! Who doesn’t love anime love comics, stories that appeal to the heart and the deepest feelings are one that everyone can relate to? The romance genre is perfect for the readers to crave heart-tugging and heart-warming moments. You can enjoy these lovely top romance manga to enjoy romance, fun, and feelings.

Top Romance Manga

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Romance manga is amongst the topmost genres that people would love to read. The anime love comic is amongst the best romance manga that makes people believe in first crushes, love polygons, and unrequited love. This is a story born from the romance genre, but it does accurately represent the realities of real-life romance.

1.      Strobe Edge

This is a story born from the romance genre, but it accurately represents the realities of real-life romance. It is a one-sided story, a love triangle, and can even be said as a love square. This story is quite messy, yet expressive. This one is an amazing anime which anyone can watch. A love triangle with emotion.

2.      Ao Haru Ride

It is hard enough to make you realize about the good romance manga. It was made to make your heart flutter and wrench it with all kinds of emotions. She’s now a new woman and doesn’t want her past life to repeat in the future.

3.      Bokura ga Ita

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Love is complicated and hence this anime love comic has complicated love stories. It is a real masterpiece. The love, life, and romance manga where true love is portrayed. This one is a real masterpiece.

4.      Lovely Complex

This one is quite romantic and funny. It is called a lovely complex and series that tickles the heart with complexities of love. While you’re reading this manga, you’ll find yourself slowly falling in love. They share the same issues and circumstances.

5.      Dengeki Daisy

It is unlike any other romance manga and a lovely anime love comic, it is unique and novel. It is something like that breathes new life into this genre. You need to read this one. It could be one of the best anime love comics.

6.      Zettai Kareshi

With the power to make all readers swoon uncontrollably, Zettai Kareshi is one of the best love comics that has stolen the spotlight. It has a lot of experience regarding rejection and has been dumped in romantic relationships.

7.      Kimi Ni Todke

Kimi Ni Todke is one of the best for readers. It is amongst the best romantic love in the more realistic ways. It is simple, ordinary, and pure. This doesn’t mean it’s boring or not a special one. This anime comic is one of the best romantic manga in the world.


These are amongst the best anime love comics that are best known by all.  You can enjoy these comic anime anywhere, anytime.  Comic anime is usually loved by all, the love story, romance, and fun can be seen at one time only.

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