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There are about 350 recent animated movie movies available. Of those three Walt Disney Feature Films, Snow White, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Lion King collectively have grossed more than a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. It’s no wonder with all these amazing characters to draw in children. But with all this success, it can be easy to forget that animated films aren’t exactly “grown up” movies. That’s where this list comes in to help.

Wide Range Of Animation Movies

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There’s a lot to like and admire about Cars, one of the latest animated hits. With the help of CG animation, Cars has truly set the stage for the next great animated hit. Though the Car’s series doesn’t run past 2021, the recent animated films featuring the car brand have already created a huge buzz. So far the second film, Cars 3, promises even more engaging and life-like car action. So, when is it time for Cars 2?

Characters Of Animation Films

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One of the most talked about characters from the latest animated films, The Croods, is the evil Tailor. But aside from the upsetting portrayal of an anti-hero, another intrigue surrounding Tailor is his connection to tobacco. In one scene, he’s seen drinking a beer in a bar, which some viewers took as a sign that he might be starting a vice of some kind. It was later revealed in the sequel that Tailor wasn’t actually drinking the beer, but rather he was testing it. We see him testing the beer in several scenes throughout the movie, which some have taken as a symbol of his budding addiction to alcohol. Whether that’s true or not, it’s been an intriguing subplot throughout the series and one that fans will probably continue to discuss for years to come.

Speaking of characters from recent animated films that have gotten more political recently, there’s a very important character from Kung Fu Panda. Having grown up in a rural area where alcohol is forbidden, the young Panda never learned how to enjoy a drink himself. He always has a mug on hand, and whenever someone else wants to have a sip, he automatically pours it over them. It’s a wistful look at a lifestyle that’s often dictated by social mores. It’s a smart little character and perhaps one that will get more attention in the coming years.

In another recent animated film, Finding Nemo the clownfish character is shown embracing a new, open society. He’s met different types of people, and among them includes a sweet little boy who identifies with his desire to be accepted by all. In the end, the parents decided that the best way to teach their son how to deal with coming attractions is to get him a pet. It’s a touching story about finding a love and a home, and one that many children will find comforting.

Political Cartoon Movies

Of course, these are all examples of cartoons and live action feature films that have been influenced by current political issues. Many animation fans were upset when the politically incorrect Bill Clinton and George Bush were choosing to voice the animated frog in the sequel to Finding Nemo, simply because they are both cartoon animals. Still, the popularity of these films shows that not everyone is afraid of animation and live action moviemaking.

Political cartoon movies have always been popular, especially those aimed at a younger audience. The Disney Channel created an animated series called Zootopia, which was heavily political and talked about the issues of the day. As a result, the movie became a huge hit and was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. With an audience that is used to political discussions, animated children’s films made just as much impact.


Whether or not these animated films influence children’s thoughts on current political matters is hard to say. Some parents have stated that political cartoons and films make their children feel more apathetic towards the issues of today. However, some other parents state that political cartoon and movies actually teach children how to think, which is exactly what society should be trying to do. It seems like the issue of smoking and alcohol use might be touched upon in an upcoming animated film about China.

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