Are You An Old School TV Series Lover? If Yes This Is For You, The Amazing Ninja Turtles Figures!

For years now, NECA has been really trying to make it easier and be able to get hold of their conveyed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure that is based on the original live-action movie franchise. NECA is releasing a fantastic accessory pack for the 7-inch scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Action Figures. They comprise of silly and also recognizable props such as; the bottle of a turtle with April O’Neil doing an interview, pizza, pork rinds, a stuffed panda, four alternate head sculpts, Shredder’s damaged helmet, Donnie’s straw hat, a street sign, newspaper, manhole cover etc.

Also, agree with us when we tell you that this is the largest accessory pack NECA has ever released, filled up to the shells with brand new items that consist of the entirety of the classic 1990 film. You can also give your turtles a fresh face with these four unique head sculpts; Leo,Raph, Mik and Don all with new straight headband ties. 


Leonardo is usually packaged with Donatello. This figure will be seen with two nijato swords, an extra set of hands, and two different bandanas. Has one bandana that falls over his left shoulder and the other on his right. Seriously, how could we forget? Each turtle comes along with a slice of pizza. Don’t even think you could eat them, though.

Moreover, the attention to details on these particular turtles is impressive. Actually, the molds resemble the turtles that appeared in the original movie, each turtle getting a signature facial expression. Generally speaking, Leo is serious, and if we are actually honest, kind of judgy.

A person wearing a costume


Just like Leo, Donatello also comes with an extra set of hands, two different bandanas and even a slice of pizza. What you should also note is that he comes in equipped with his trademark bo. His expression is decidedly sarcastic though. Leonardo and Donatello join up to make the first two packs in the series


Just like his brothers, Raph comes with an extra set of hands, two different bandanas and also a slice of pizza. He also comes in with his signature sais which actually fit nicely in his belt. Raphael should not come as a surprise to you, but he is one of anger.


He also comes in with a slice of pizza, an extra set of hands which enables him to give a thumb up and also different bandanas. But what else should you expect from Michelangelo other than just pure amusement?

A person in a costume


  • Makes a perfect gift for your kids
  • Made of high-quality material 
  • No batteries required
  • No assembly is required


  • Poorly made – various part tends to fall out since they are not properly fitted


If you are really looking forward to bringing back the joy of your classical 1990’s action movies with characters like Raphael, Donatello among others, then this pack should be your perfect choice. You can also give them to your kids as gifts. Order your set today and put a smile on the faces of your kids.

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