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manga websites

Many manga series are way too long. If you plan to collect the hardcopy of the manga series, then they would occupy a huge space in your almirah and bookshelves. Due to such condition, it makes perfect sense to read manga series and manga comics online. Now the next research is what are the best manga websites that can be used.

Before getting into this topic the first thing that is to be cleared is that manga websites are not at all free. Yes, you heard that right! You have to literally pay for reading the manga series and comics. Well, there are some sites which will allow you to sample the couple of series for free but there are no single sites which will allow you completely to read everything for free. Also, be careful! If you come across any site which professes to let you do that, then let me warn you, thats probably engaging in piracy.

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Do you know what is even more worse? There are some paid apps which are also engaged in piracy. Well, you still can come out through. 

Is the payment is on per title basis? Then may be, it can be legit. Is it required to pay a nominal one-time fee to access thousands of manga series and websites? Well, then may be, there are high chances to be illegal.

Well, after a lot of thorough research we have actually come to know that there are certain websites where they actually allow you to go through manga for free. Relax, it’s absolutely genuine and no fraud and/or piracy. With the help of this article, you will get to know about such websites which allow you to go through the manga websites for free.

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  1.  Mangapark : You can enjoy reading some manga comics in this site for free. The best thing of this site is that you don’t have to register in order to read and can browse the manga by genre.
  1. Mangadex : It is a free database for manga, anime. This is a name of a project which focuses on providing an open platform that a person can use, interested to read or write about the comics in multiple languages.
  1. Mangafox : This site has multiple number of engrossing and fascinating contents available herein. All you have to do is to create an account before starting in order to continue with your reading. The most convenient way in this site is that it has an index with different genres and sub-genres and hence it’s very easy for anyone to find out what they want.
  1. Comico : Comico gives manga challenges and also provides various equipments for all the artists who wants to improve their own drawing. The instant website help you to learn about the preparation of manga drawings.


In today’s world online sphere have occupied a huge portion and has also provided people with various new scopes for amusement and relaxation. It’s not at all surprising that people nowadays want to read their favorite series foe free. But always be very cautious while choosing manga websites

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