Best SuperHero Movies Of The Decades

best superhero movies

In general, audiences can’t get enough films that appear to go on forever and feature web-slinging and amusing conversations. On the other hand, critics prefer to favor superhero films with powerful messages that accurately reflect the times in which they were released.

Even reviewers can’t ignore the spectacle of superhero movies anymore, even though it took them a long time to embrace the MCU completely. Rotten Tomatoes’ list is vastly different from IMDb’s top superhero movies, with a Hulk and Thor team-up comedy, the first big female-led superhero film, and a cell-shaded Spider-Man feature.

Thor: Ragnarok Is A Film Based On Norse Mythology (2017)

Thor: Ragnarok ushered in a new era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since it changed the way the character will be treated from then on. Thor had always been a fish out of water character, but filmmaker TaikaWaititi transformed him into a heartless idiot.

Spider-man 2 Is A Sequel To Spider-man (2004)

Even though the X-Men debuted earlier, Spider-Man was the first superhero film to encapsulate all that Marvel movies would become known for. It was energetic, funny, and had a lot of heart in it. But filmmaker Sam Raimi took it further in Spider-Man 2, using more of his brush strokes.

Wonder Woman Is A Superhero Who Is Known For Her (2017)

Because Wonder Woman has a glow-in-the-dark lasso and an invisible jet, it’s challenging to produce a no-nonsense, grounded-in-reality film about her, but filmmaker Patty Jenkins accomplished the impossible. The film is both a well-made period war picture and a fantastic superhero film, and it was the most epic film about World War I before its premiere in 1917.

Superman Is A Fictional Character Created By Stan Lee (1978)

Superman is the epitome of everything that makes a film great, whether it’s the brilliant casting, the high-end production value, or, of course, John Williams’ renowned score. The film also had a long history, as it was the first superhero film to have multiple sequels.

Iron Man Is A Fictional Character Created By Stan Lee (2008)

Even though the MCU is currently full of purple aliens and wizards, Iron Man appears to be the most special of all the films. It largely centered around the Iraq war, and Tony Stark began his career as a weapons manufacturer, as it was the first MCU film produced before Disney acquired Marvel Studios. 

Endgame Is The Sequel To Avengers: Infinity War (2019)

Avengers: Endgame is the conclusion of a 20-film franchise, and its three-hour runtime is a tremendous accomplishment in and of itself. The film has to wrap up the plots of dozens of characters, establish the MCU’s future, and kill Thanos twice.


Superhero stories have been a part of popular culture for more than 75 years, but they’re no longer limited to the printed page. Many different adaptations have been told across numerous mediums, but the big screen, aside from the comic books themselves, is undoubtedly the most popular destination. Full-length superhero films have grown in popularity over the previous four decades, and whether they’re classic plots or views that dissect the material, they’re always entertaining to watch.

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