Charlotte Anime Review – A Quick Review of the Popular TV Show, Charlotte

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Charlotte anime scene stickers and other accessories are now available online. Many fans from Japan, Europe, and America have loved the TV series and movie; the latest is titled ” Charlotte,” which is based on the Japanese novelize. A live-action TV series is in the works too. I am sure many more movies and TV specials will be streamed online soon.

The story follows the life of a young orphan, Hiyuki Shiba, who has magical, mysterious, and superhuman physical abilities. Some of her supernatural capabilities are listed below. Hiyuki is accidentally summoning a black hole on her first try, and as a result, she experiences a five seconds dream. She briefly possesses an animal-like form and gets absorbed by the Other Side.

Another of Hiyuki’s supernatural capabilities is her ability to generate energy with her thoughts alone which are referred to as Power Despair. Through the course of the anime, various other students and characters have their own unique abilities that are unique to them. Hiyuki’s is the ability to generate massive amounts of energy with her thoughts alone and use it to create powerful spells and do good deeds for the Other Side. Through her power, she also develops the courage to stand up against her crush, Chihiro, and become his Student Council president.

Charlotte Anime

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At the start of the series, Hiyori imagines herself to be a famous artist. She is very good at drawing, but because of her timid personality, she is unable to pursue this hobby. Later on, her artwork is discovered by a young Takao Aoki who uses it to decorate his room. Since then, Hiyori became his partner, and the two became a team called “The Literature Club.” Their adventures in the rest of the series are about them teaming up with other anime characters and friends to help them save the Earth.

Second Episode

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In the second episode, “New Student Council President,” the other new girl to join the Literature Club is Ritsu Tainaka, a transfer student from Shiomi University. Ritsu is described as being a very quiet person with no special abilities. One of the first things that strike a reader about Ritsu is how he doesn’t speak much, and this turns out to be a big mistake. As the story takes place within an art school, it is obvious that Ritsu has a great passion for art, and this drives him to work hard to become the most eligible student for the position of Student Council President. However, his low self-esteem led him to make mistakes which later on resulted in him losing the election to Hiyori Tsumura.

Third Episode

In the third episode of Charlotte’s anime, titled “Gourmet Girls Battle,” the main character, Yuusuke Tozawa, finds out that he possesses the unique ability to temporarily possess the abilities of any person he has seen in this world. Because of this ability, Tozawa plans to use this power to be able to rescue a woman whom he loved and to do this, and he needs to find someone who can fight and use his Shikai, which he accidentally took from Yuusuke. To achieve this, Tozawa has Tooru Hiyori, the Student Council President, attack his classmates and himself with the Shikai. When the attack succeeds, Hiyori teleports herself and Tozawa back to the Shiomi castle, where he plans to defeat Hiyori with his own Shikai. In order to do this, Tozawa has to obtain the strength needed by Hiyori in order to perform his Shikai.

Fourth Episode

In the fourth episode, “Reformation,” Yuusuke is given a chance to use his ability to temporarily possess the abilities of Nao. Although he has no special abilities of his own, he is still given a chance to use them by Nao since she needs him to defeat the enemy leader, Bakugan. Nao gives him five seconds to do whatever he wishes in that time, and only then will she regain her memory. However, instead of using his power, he has Tozawa draw his weapon, which has the same ability as the Bakugan himself. Tozawa then proceeds to attack Nao, but she manages to defend herself and throws him into a lake, where he is later found by the other transformed students.

Bottom Line

The Charlotte anime series follows the story of Hiyori with her new ability that allows her to control objects that other people cannot. Using her Shikai, Hiyori can now throw metal into the air and control it to move according to her will. By using this new ability, Hiyori is now the second in command of the Student Council and has become the de facto leader of the team. Meanwhile, in an unexpected turn of events, Asui, the second in command of the Class Chouse, decides to defect from the team and start her own faction. Hiyori’s newfound ability allows her to fight back against Asui and protect the students from her, thus starting the exciting series, Charlotte anime.

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