Comic Book Cartoon Movies For Your Child

Comic books, or comic books as some people would call them, have always been a favorite for children. They are filled with fun characters that teach values such as honesty and hard work. These are the same values that can be seen in superhero comic book movies that are being produced today. They teach the same values that our parents taught us, and they keep our children entertained throughout their childhood. The following will list some of the top comic book cartoon movies right now that you can choose from.

Justice League: 

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It all starts with the Justice League. Once the planet of Earth is under threat of an invasion of strange creatures called Dark Dimension beings who can take over the lives of those that are around them, a small group of superheroes step forward to put a stop to the madness. Starring in this movie are: Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, and The Flash. The film has a lot of comedic value, but also has some serious message that is taught to us in this one. If you want a good time at the movies this one is a must watch.


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One of the most famous cartoon movies ever. Spidey shows off his web fighting skills against his many enemies. This movie has some of the best comic book action you are ever going to see. You can also learn some great lessons about cooperation and how to follow through with your goals when you are working alongside your fellow heroes in this film. You may not like the way Spidey fights, but you will definitely enjoy the comic book action.

Iron Man: 

This movie was not very well received by many when it first came out, but it is definitely worth the money. This film is about an industrialist that creates several robotic marvels to fight crime. The story is about a company he owns tries to get rid of them because of the legal weapons he makes. Watch as Tony Stark creates several new weapons to put these creations to use. This is a really fun film that has some excellent comic book references.

Green Lantern: 

This is another one of my all time favorite comic book cartoons. You can practically watch this sitting alone in the house with your kids, as they are going to love it. There are also quite a few lessons that are being given through the comic book, which will be educational for you and your child.


While this is probably the oldest cartoon on this list, many people still love watching this one. Superman is a kindhearted person that tries to help those in need of him. He also has his own super powers that will give him the ability to fly, have extra sensory perception, and almost instant healing. Learning lessons from the comic books is easy through this one if you go into the theater with your child.


One of the first comic book cartoon movies you should try is Batman. This is a great cartoon that features Batman as he tries to solve the crimes that happen around Gotham city. Learning lessons from the comic books is easy through this one. As long as you watch it with your child, they will love it.

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