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Black panther continues to be the most popular comic book film of this year as millions of fans pay tribute to super star Chadwick’s character. Fans have been struggling to get past the first episode.

Storyline Of The Episodes

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In the second and third episode of this superhero comic, Superman races against time to take on the top ten most viewed comic book films of all time, the wild cards in the DC top ten animated movie franchise, the mysterious and powerful lightning bolt gang and his own top ten animated comic movie. It is a battle of Superman against super-villains as he battles the villains on earth and in the future.

The first episode to go over top ten animated comic books and movies was Superman Returns. This was directed by Bryan Singer and starred the superstar. The second episode of this superhero series was The Dark Knight Rises and is directed by Nolan.

As expected, the top-rated comic book Superman movie is still the Superman Returns, which was directed by Bryan Singer and stars the legendary Superman. I’m not going to reveal the exact amount that the Superman franchise grosses on a daily basis, but suffice to say it is incredible.

The Dark Knight Rises As The Second Most Watched Animated Movies

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In my opinion, the second most watched animated Superman comic of this year was The Dark Knight Rises. This is another very intense action-filled thriller that fans are really buzzing about.

There are two different Superman comic book films that were highly talked about and made their way to the top ten best comic books and movies list. These are the Superman film Man of Steel and the Superman comic book movie Death of Superman. Although it took two years to make these movies, they have received tremendous attention from fans.

Other top ten animated comics and movies that did not receive any buzz were Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. As you can tell, there are a few movies that didn’t even crack the top ten. and they were just left off the list due to low viewership.

Superman Movie Franchise Tops The List

Overall, the Superman movie franchise has had the most number one animated comic books of all time this year and will remain at the top for the foreseeable future. I’m predicting it will increase in the next year or two.

As I said, there are a lot of other top ten animated comic books and movies that didn’t make the list that you may want to check out. The biggest one that I would recommend is the X-Men animated series. This series takes us into the world of the mutants in the future and also features the most popular superheroes of all time.


I believe this will be the biggest movie of the year, beating even the last one. In addition to that, there are still two or three more animated comic book films coming out each week.

So remember, if you haven’t already, make sure you catch up on these top ten animated comic books and movies to watch as soon as possible. These films are going to blow you away!

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