Comic Book Movies Ranked By Popularity

comic book movies ranked

Comic book movies rank very high on the list of the most desired movies in the United States. A number of films have made their way to the big screen, which is a tribute to the ingenuity of the film industry. The success of movies ranging from Spider-Man to Batman has increased interest in this genre of filmmaking. In fact, the comic book industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the last decade. This has prompted an increased interest in the educational aspect of filmmaking among youngsters.

Filmmakers are using increasingly innovative ways to tell a story through their comic books and superhero movies. Filmmakers are using visual stylists such as minimalism and stylistic montage. A number of directors who are passionate about comic books are turning their passion into a lucrative career. Here, you will get to know the five top comic book movies ranked best by the online crowd. Let us take a look at these films that have set new benchmarks in the world of cinema.

Comic Book Movies Ranked: Dark Knight

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One of the most happening films of the decade, The Dark Knight has created a benchmark for future big-screen filmmaking. The movie was directed by Henry Selick and promised a bold fantasy adventure in the modern city. It depicts the story of Gotham City as it rises up against the Gotham villains and the Caped Crusader. Apart from the protagonist, the film also cast A-List of Heroes’ Heath Ledger as the Joker and Hugo Weisler as Bruce Wayne. These two iconic stars form the perfect duo to play the caped crusader and the savior of Gotham City.

The movie just managed to tread all over the parameters of brilliance and pulled them together into one mesmerizing experience. It is a tribute to the skill of comic books. This epic movie has set a benchmark for future big-screen filmmaking. This movie has also been ranked best superhero movie of 2021. It is a brilliant mix between the real-life struggle and the fantastical adventures of superheroes. Watchmen has set a benchmark for comic book movies.

Justice League

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In second place is the Justice League: The Movie. Directed by Christopher Nolan, this film is a visual stylist’s masterpiece. It is a culmination of the team’s history and chronicles their progression throughout the decades. It is an epic tale of good versus evil with an emotional core.

Iron Man

The third superhero film of this decade is Iron Man. The superhero tale of the modern era is an exceptional blockbuster that ranks as a definite must-see film. It is the quintessential piece of comic books and action filmmaking. It gives the ultimate thrill of doing good while battling villains like the Mandarin.


There is a fourth superhero movie that ranks at the top of the list; Spiderman 3. It is a groundbreaking film that re-establishes the origin story while introducing a new spider and a couple of new avenues. Ranking at number four is the X-Men franchise wherein Patrick Stewart’s Professor X is cast as the greatest asset to humankind. He is the mentor of Storm and Gambit. These superheroes are ranked at the top of the comic book genre because of the distinct characteristics that make them unique.

Bottom Line

The top five super movies of all time include the following. It is highly recommended that you should give each of them a go if you happen to have a comic book store near you. Watchmen, X-Men, Batman or Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Fantastic Four are definite must-see films. All these movies are ranked in order of popularity, and they should all be viewed in order to fully appreciate their greatness.

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