Coming Up With A Manga Comic Strip

Compared to other types of Comics, manga art is unique in terms of style and finish. But before we dive into the manga comic strip art, let’s have a look at what it is.

Lunar Landscape, Saturn, Spaceship What Is A Manga Comic Strip?

Manga is defined as comics or graphical novels that come from japan. This is a style that is believed to have made its way from the 19th century. The manga comics are made to suit people of all ages; this means that even the elderly can enjoy them. They can take different forms from the action, business, and commerce, comedy, historical, a mystery, among many others. Ideally, these stories are mostly printed in black and white, but color has made the comics more attractive with time.

In this article, we have prepared a few tips to help you come up with your own authentic mange comic strips. Let’s kick-off. 

1. Increase Your Speed

When coming up with your manga, you have to remember that it’s faster than other comics. Generally, it spreads cross more pages with lesser panels on a page. Also, there are variations in manga types. For instance, Seinen Manga is meant for adult males. This means that it will be more intense compared to Shoujo manga that is intended for young girls. It would help if you aimed to make at least three speech bubbles per panel. This brings to an average of five panels on a page, and the scene should contain four pages. 

2. The Reading Directing Of Your Manga Comic Strip

Coming Up With A Manga Comic Strip
Coming Up With A Manga Comic Strip

Originally manga is from Japan, hence you can read vertically from top to bottom before proceeding from right to left. Therefore when it’s published in Japanese’s you can start reading from the top right corner and then finish at the bottom. When this is translated into English, it takes the same format. However, when writing the manga comic strip in English, it’s up to you to decide the reading direction.

3. Grouping Of The Panels In Your Manga Comic Strips

Given that most comics have panels of varying sizes and shapes, it’s hard to be specific in the panel sizes from page to page. Also, there are no arrows that can guide the reader; this means that the panels have to be grouped in an organized manner before the next step. You can also choose to separate one group from another by increasing the space between different panels. Lastly, make sure the small panel gutters inside a group don’t line up with the panel gutter in a diverse group.

4. Make Your Manga Comic Strip Dynamic

Ideally, manga is a dynamic form of storytelling; hence you have to create your characters to appear as if they are moving. Compared to superhero comics, manga favors limbs that are motion blur. In most cases, the variations are done through inking.

5. Matching The Background Of Your Mange Step To The Mood

The main difference between manga and other types of comics is the use of abstract backgrounds that match the different characters’ atmosphere and emotions. When the scene has some physical backgrounds, the use of varying objects alters the comics’ mood. For instance, the use of flowers can be useful to bring out romances, and flames can show burning rage and so on.


Creating your manga comic strip is very easy; all you need to do is follow the instructions. Remember to bring out the emotional part of your story to sell it to the right funs.

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