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Computer Animated Movies – My Favorite

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In the past few years, computer-animated films have really taken off. Animation used to be fairly expensive, but it’s not anymore. Many low budget movies have great animated sequences that take your breath away. The cost is much cheaper now, and that means good movies can be made with lower budgets. Now, computer animated films are everywhere and they’re not just for kids.

One of the best computer animated films I’ve seen recently is the Wreck-It Ralph. This computer-animated film was created by Pixar and it’s pretty amazing how realistic the characters look. The special effects are so lifelike that you would think they were actually plastic. There are explosions, and everything that you would expect from a computer-animated film. If you like computer animated films, this might be one of your favorites.

An Overview

Another one of my favorite computer animated films was Finding Nemo. This film was created by Pixar and it’s a little different than most computer animated films. It’s more about an educational lesson than it is about the technology. This is a good film because it takes time to teach the importance of caring for a pet. It shows you that you’re not supposed to neglect an animal because it may not live long.

One other great film that was made specifically with computer animated films in mind is Wall-Kutter. This film is fantastic. It’s about an obsessed person who builds robots to kill people he hates. That definitely doesn’t make it a computer-animated film, but it was fun to watch.

Some people have compared the computer animated films of today to computer animation. The main difference between the two is that computer animated films are meant to provide entertainment while educating as well. As I mentioned earlier, some films provide good, honest educative material. Other animated films simply want to entertain.

Computerized Anime Movies

I’m sure there will be more computer-animated films that I’ll enjoy watching. They’re all great and I’m certain I’ll keep them on my video game system or DVD player. I can’t wait to see more Disney movies or superhero movies like Spiderman 3. Maybe a new animated feature from Disney or a documentary about some historical figure would interest me as well.

You know, you’ll always have the classics like Disney. I’ll never watch a Bugs Bunny film ever again. I can’t imagine anyone else liking those movies either. I’m partial to the later ones, the films with the comedic content, instead of the slapstick kind.

But what about you? What type of animated films do you like? Which ones do you prefer? Are there any computer animated films that you want to share with other people? Let us know in the comments section below.

If you are an animation fan, then you might enjoy computer animated films such as My Little Pony, Cars, Iron Man, and The Lion King. There are a lot of computer-animated films aimed at children. There is even one about a talking dog who travels around on vacation. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist watching this one!

I love animated films no matter which ones they are. I especially like them when they are made by someone who doesn’t speak English, like Steven Spielberg. He makes his movies with people who speak English as their native language. And it looks very real. That is why he is considered an expert in computer-animated films.

In The End

If you want to see more of these types of movies, you should go on the internet and search them out. You’ll have a great selection to choose from. And if you know where to look, you’ll find the best price as well. Just make sure that you read the descriptions carefully so you don’t get ripped off.

Visit the website below to see my latest favorite. You’ll also learn where you can find all of the best animated films on DVD. You won’t believe how much you’ll enjoy watching them. Pick a movie that you think will be your favorite now.

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