Costume: Cosplay For Halloween 2020

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Halloween? For most of you, it’s a celebration and costume night. But some parts of the world still doesn’t know about it. Back then when I was a kid I used to think Halloween is worshiping ghosts ritual.  

I am from a third world and I don’t have any idea about it nor does my parents and their parents. But as I grow and the internet takes over the world. I find out my beliefs about Halloween were completely false. 

Halloween is a festival of light, payers, remembering our loved ones, etc. Halloween is celebrated in almost all parts of the world expect in some Islamic countries. The reason Halloween become so popular is that of the costume ritual. 

Children, teens, and even adults wear costumes on Halloween to scare away the supernatural evil powers. Well, that’s a belief too! But apart from the belief, everyone wants a costume on Halloween. So here are Cosplay for Halloween 

1. Kinomoto Woman Costume Jumpsuit

This costume jumpsuit is an Anime Evangelion is suitable for Halloween. If you’re an Anime Evangelion fan, this is for you.  But before you order the product, make sure it’s high-quality polyester that is breathable. 

This costume has a fashion stand collar, long sleeves, back zipper design, and easy to put on and take off. 

2. Wei Wuxian Long Black Cosplay Wig 

Costume: Cosplay For Halloween 2020
Costume: Cosplay For Halloween 2020

Sometimes Anime Evangelion or cosplay costume jumpsuit is not enough for the complete Halloween makeover. Sometimes a little extra Wig can make a huge difference. 

This wig is specially made for a demonic style but you can also and style it as per your character. This wig is a synthetic hair that is thick and shiny and looks authentic when you wear. 

This Wig has a net underneath for easy fixing, with hairpins for comfortable wear. 

3. Titan Mikasa Ackermann Anime Cosplay Costume

Now if you’re looking for something unique and fashionable. This costume style is for you. 

Titan Mikasa is a Japanese cosplay suits fashion long sleeve for both man and woman inspired by Titan Mikasa anime. 

The suit will give a feel of an expert shooter who is one quest with the Titan to fight the evil. 

4. Black Butler Sebastian Michaelis Costume 

Are you a fan of the Black Butler anime series? If you, you won’t regret choosing Sebastian Michaelis for your Halloween get up. 

It’s a Japanese cosplay jumpsuit that has a long sleeve shirt, pants, tuxedo, tie, necklace, gloves, and badge. Both men and women can wear it.

This costume gives you a great personality of Demon Butler. 


These are the 4 costumes that we think will be the center of attraction in a Halloween party. But everybody of us has different tastes, likes, and dislikes. Some of you might not like our costume list. 

But there is nothing wrong in giving a try. Sometime we must change our taste to try different things. 

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