Dark Comic Book Movies And The Thrills They Bring

dark comic book movies

Do comic book enthusiasts really wish for more dark comic book movies and TV shows? The simple and quick answer is definitely yes conditionally. Now, understand and know this might seem like a tad of a cop out, but really, it’s the only logical answer making any sense at all. If you look at the current superhero landscape when it came to television and film, you can clearly see that this is a hit-and miss proposition, which means that being realistic is pretty much a non-factor.

However, the odds are that dark comic book movies will always have a home in Hollywood regardless of the critical acclaim. Why? I suspect because directors and producers are still largely dependent on the successful television show of Batman on TV. This has created a template and a sense of expectations for what kind of movies superhero franchises should look and feel like. There was a time when the comic book movie would have been a box office flop, and no amount of mainstream publicity or advertising would have changed that.

Established Brand Name

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Of course, now things are a lot different, primarily due to the emergence of the Marvel franchise. Having a well-known and established brand name to revamp any potential project, not to mention have built an incredibly passionate fan base over the past decade. The sheer diversity of characters in the Marvel realm is enormous and this has resulted in some incredible dark comic book movies as well as fantastic four hour films with huge multi-million dollar budgets. No matter what type of film you are planning on making, having a top hit superhero origin story will almost certainly guarantee worldwide exposure.

However, the very nature of these superhero films makes them all dependent on their success in the box office. With the Dark World and The Dark Knight racking up record amounts of ticket sales, the odds are that the success of your movie will depend almost entirely on how successful the previous one was.

Dark Harry Potter and Dark Iron Man offer only different versions of the same story, and have little to no connection to each other whatsoever, yet both managed to rake in huge amounts of profits. It is this very reliance on success, which leads many people to question whether or not superhero movies are really made for the big screen any more – it is as if the makers of these movies are unable to see past the success they’ve had at the box office to think differently.

Dark And Funny

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The Dark Knight has managed to be dark and funny all at once, which is something very few films can say. The movie tackles the question of ‘is Batman worth saving’, as well as offering up its own take on the iconic super villain character. It’s the perfect mix of comedy, action and thrills – and it’s all been shot on the silver screen.

There is no doubt that films such as The Dark Knight have given superhero movies a much-needed break from their traditional stories, and although The Dark Knight is not quite as long as the usual triceratops blockbuster, it is nevertheless a highly entertaining and exhilarating film. Having said that, the huge success of Man Of Steel helped to rejuvenate the interest in these types of films, and there’s no telling whether or not it will happen again. While many people would certainly prefer to see a dark, edgy superhero movie instead of anything else, the fact is that the overwhelming majority of people will prefer superheros to any other kind of film.

Future Projects

That doesn’t mean that any future projects about the dark knight will be bad, either. It is entirely possible that the next instalment of the DC comic book superhero movies could end up being the best of the lot. The Dark Knight looks to be a winner with its intense and gripping visual sequences, and audiences are likely to fall hard for the Man Of Steel follow-up (and to see Tom Cruise as Jack Nicholson’s Joker). There is absolutely no doubt that The Dark Knight is going to turn many heads this year, and fans are bound to be disappointed if they don’t make a booking for the new film straight away.

However, that doesn’t mean that future comic book movies shouldn’t be exciting. Fans have always been fascinated by the idea of vampires and superheroes, and I’m sure that some of them will be thrilled by the prospect of seeing a grisly and terrifyingly accurate representation of the dynamic duo in a modern film.

Wrapping Up

Some fans have expressed concerns about the portrayal of violence within these films, and whether it is justified. But I think it is more important to focus on how thrilling and entertaining these films can be. As long as we continue to invest in these types of entertainments, there is no reason that they can’t be great, dark wonders.

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