DC Comic Book Movies Get Serious With Dark Knight Rises

dc comic book movies

Whichever camp you are in, there is at least one DC movie that you should try out: Dark Knight. It is definitely not the best movie of the year, but it is certainly up there as one of the better comic book movies.

How It Started ?

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It all starts with Heath Ledger playing the role of the Joker. Yes, the Joker we all know and love, played by the truly disturbing Michael Myers. This was a big step away from Ledger’s original portrayal, and you can sense the changes as soon as The Dark Knight hits the theaters. His Joker is a sick, sadistic villain, whose tattered skin and jagged teeth give his mask a truly terrifying appearance. The Joker, also known as “the Joker,” is the central character of the Batman trilogy, and The Dark Knight picks up where the third film left off.

Anyone who has ever read the Batman comics knows that the character is a dark, brooding, violent type of guy. In fact, Batman is so completely obsessed with eliminating Gotham City criminals that he actually goes into exile after another crime scene is cleared by Batman. Bruce Wayne, the young wonder boy who becomes Batman, is determined to clear his name and continue fighting Batman’s nemeses. He wants to win the affection of his ally, but he knows that he cannot succeed unless he actually wins the fight in his mind first. Thus, this second Batman movie promises to be just as intense as the first, especially if The Dark Knight casts aside its previous superhero origins and puts itself firmly into the realm of comic book movies.

Vast Majority Of Comic Book Adaptations


Of course, anyone who knows anything about comic books, either online or in print, will tell you that the vast majority of comic book adaptations are poorly written, corny attempts at a blockbuster movie. However, The Dark Knight promises to be a different animal altogether. Instead of relying on hackneyed action sequences, it features an original storyline with a compelling central character.

Reason Of Movie’s Success

Of course, anyone who’s seen The Dark Knight will tell you that much of what made that movie very successful is its use of dark, moody lighting and a consistent level of violence. The Dark Knight tells a dramatic story of a city under threat of darkness, and Batman is once again faced with the daunting task of protecting the city from any criminals that want to do harm. This time, though, Batman has allies in the form of a ragtag band of Batman’s old villains, including two cyborg bat-rocadoes, the Penguin and Two-Face. Batman must battle not only the evil villains and their henchmen, but also several of the city’s human inhabitants, namely the Dark Knight himself. The Dark Knight will most certainly be remembered by moviegoers for its thrilling action sequences, and the visual effects are so impressive that it’s hard to imagine any Batman movie coming to home video screens without some kind of award-winning visual effect.


Speaking of success, DC Entertainment is not done with the successful adaptation of its comic book characters. In fact, there’s another two Dark Knight movies on the way, The Dark Knight Two and Dark Knight Rises. And even if there isn’t much new information about the sequel, moviegoers should take advantage of the extensive footage shown during this summer’s trailers to get a good feel for what the film will look like. For instance, aside from the Batmobile and the city itself, viewers were introduced to the mysterious Wayne Enterprises and how it plays a key part in the story. Likewise, they learned how John Blake was cast as the lead character and why Christian Bale is set to play the Joker. There’s also a lot of information about the costumes worn by the film’s major players.

Overall, the overwhelming positive response to The Dark Knight means that audiences are in love with both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. While previous Batman films have received mixed reviews, the reception for The Dark Knight is downright sensational. Even those who weren’t fans of the previous Batman movies found the new version to be worth the time and money. That’s why we’re likely to continue enjoying DC comic book movies for many years to come. Even after The Dark Knight hits theaters, there’s still plenty more Batman and Robin stories to enjoy.

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