DC Comics Animated Film Trailers – Why I Love Them

dc comics animated films

DC Comics had created some of the greatest comic books ever in the past, including several popular animated films. There are many reasons why you should read some DC comics. The reason I have listed a few is that I believe they are some of the best comic books out there. There are also several reasons why you should enjoy these DC’s animated films as much as I do. Hopefully, you will choose to start reading at least one of them.

One of the most popular animated films is Dark Knight. The movie was directed by the two time Oscar Nominated director, Guy Ritchie. He took over from Tim Burton, who did an amazing live action version of the Dark Knight. The film became very successful because of its unique story and excellent visual elements. It also went on to be one of the most successful summer movies of all time.

An Overview

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The look and feel of the Dark Knight are incredible. From the costumes to the sets, everything was designed and constructed to really create an intense sense of realism. The acting performances were excellent as well. The acting performances were fantastic and everyone involved in the live action bit of the film brought it to a level of excellence not seen since the days of Batman.

In Green Lantern, viewers got to see an interesting new character, Hal Jordan, who was raised with the power of the green Lantern. He uses his power to protect the Earth and everyone he loves. This film was an amazing live action feature. The animation was quite good but sometimes I wanted a little more realism and the special effects a little less crisp. However, the overall concept of the film was fantastic.

The second installment of the Batman: The Dark Knight is coming to theaters soon. It is expected to be one of the biggest earners for Disney. It will feature the return of everyone’s favorite Batman villain, The Joker. I’m sure everyone is anxious for the great animated feature to come this June.

DC Comics Animated Film Trailers

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We will start off discussing the terrific live action adaptation of the Dark Knight. It features Tom Hardy as the young Batman and Anne Hathaway as the lovely, yet unfortunate Catwoman. Hardy’s take on the Batman suit is awesome. He is far more like the classic Batman that we have grown used to seeing on the big screen. His goatee, bald, and square jaw are a great addition to any Batman film. He brings a new spin to an already awesome franchise.

The second live action Batman film that is in the works is the third in the Dark Knight saga. It will be directed by Chris Hardy. It will pick up after the events of the second film, The Dark Knight. It will surely be a lot of fun to see Hardy’s Batman taking another crack at Gotham City. Hopefully we will get a great looking film that lives up to expectations.

Other DC Comics animated films include the DC film projects of the aforementioned Batman and Catwoman, as well as the upcoming Man of Steel film. We also have the long awaited animated adaptation of the legendary Wonder Woman solo outing. The movie is in the works and has a lot to do with the war between the good and evil. We can expect some great casting announcements soon, including possibly more details on the Batman and Catwoman relationship. I am very excited to see what direction director Christopher Nolan and screenwriter David Goyer are going to take us next.

DC Movies That Are Pure Gold

Up Next We have the latest DC comic book superhero epic, The Dark Knight. This is the end of the bat series for the time being, and I think it’s good that they are doing a little downsizing so that more movies can be produced in the future. With the success of the last Batman film, it was only a matter of time before another big screen adventure about the caped crusader was created. I’m not sure whether it will be as successful as the Dark Knight, but it definitely will be interesting to see what direction they take it. I’m expecting an amazing movie and I can’t wait to see what kind of ratings they get at the box office.

There are still a few DC comics superhero animated films that are in development, and I’m personally looking forward to the release of the Man of Steel 2. I know I will be among the first fans to jump on board with this awesome new interpretation of the classic story. I’m also expecting an excellent cast, which includes perhaps more importantly, an original and amazing storyline.

In The End

There are still lots of comic live action films that are planned, but I believe that The Dark Knight should top the list of those that come to mind. It has the potential to be a big hit when it comes to the box office, and it looks like a very exciting and unique film. The only other superhero film that could compete with it is Spider-Man 3, but that’s also on its way. My favorite superhero now is Superman, and even though I haven’t seen the latest Man of Steel movie yet, I’m pretty sure that I will enjoy it just as much as I did the original version. I hope the recent trailers and photos have done a good job in terms of selling me on the prospect of seeing this film.

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