Disney Animated Movies: The Last Dragon and Other Successful Films of George Lucas


Walt Disney Animation Studios, also sometimes shortened to Disney Animation, is a division of the Walt Disney Corporation. The company’s production logo is a picture of Mickey Mouse sitting on top of a steamboat. Disney’s animation was revolutionary in both the entertainment industry and in the special effects it provided. Several early Disney films are the basis for the classic animated feature films that we are familiar with today.

Company’s First few movies

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One of the company’s earliest and most famous animated movies was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ( 1937). The film served as the precursor to Disney’s later marvel animated movies such as A Bug’s Life (1947), Tarzan (1954), and The Lion King (2021). Among the many other early Disney animated movies that Disney produced during this period are Bumbler (1935), The Mysterious Island (1940), and the very popular Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ( 1937). All of these early Disney films have consistently received huge returns since their release.

Another very popular feature that Disney produced during this time is The Seven Dwarfs. These Disney animated movies take place in the realm of a fantasy world, hence the name. The premise of the story’s premise that took place in medieval times is the animated movies of Peter Pan. There have been eleven different movies in the series, and the newest is Peter Pan Live! The newest sequel to Pan follows a new storyline set 10 years after the first film’s events. It follows the life of the lovable cartoon character still dressed in his Neverland attire.

Latest Movies

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A newer version of the Disney animated movies is the Princess and the Frog. This is a musical fantasy film about two girls who travel back in time to visit their grandparents. The older one is an orphan who wants nothing more than to be with her age-old grandpa. The younger of the duo happens to have magical powers that will change history, but she must learn to control her newfound powers and use them for good. Both films in the Princess and the Frog have proven to be box office hits, causing the creation of a full franchise. The newest film in the series, The Princess and the Frog were recently made into a feature-length animated motion picture and has proven to be a big hit among children and adults alike.

One of the more recent Disney animated movies is the Oscar-winning Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast follow the relationship between Belle’s aging enchantress and a young man named Beast. They become friends and become each other’s lovers, and during their relationship, they learn about love, lust, friendship, and a whole new groove to their lives.

The last two Disney animated classics, Wreck-It Ralph and Cars, would have to be Avatar, which ranks right up there with Beauty and the Beast in popularity. The last dragon in the original Walt Disney movie series was Consciousness, so it’s only natural that the studio decided to bring her back for the last sequel, Avatar. This time around, she’s a young woman who lives on Pandora Island and works as a bounty hunter. Her love of animals forces her to take care of all of the planet’s animals, including a talking dog called Baloo. The film’s plot involves Pandora Island being invaded by the evil King of the Islands, so it’s no surprise that both Consciousness and the last dragon, Zhi Nu, are back to save the day.

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