Dragon Ball Super – Everything You Need to Know

dragon ball super

Dragon Ball Super is the continuation of the Dragon Ball series. It follows Goku and his friends after they finished training with Whis. The anime started airing in July 2015 and has since been met with mixed reviews. The story centers around a tournament between universes, where the dragon balls are used to summon Shenron and wish for anything possible.

A dragon ball is the result of a wish. There are 7 dragon balls, and when combined it summons Shenron who will grant any wish. However, the dragon has to be returned eventually so that new dragon balls can be made.

An Overview

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Dragon Ball Super follows Goku after he finished training with Beerus’ master Whis on his planet. As they are about to eat, Goku senses a huge power and heads off with Whis. We discover that Beerus’ brother, Champa who is Beerus’ twin is searching the universe for 7 special balls which summons a dragon called Vados. He wants these ‘Super Dragon Balls’. Champa challenges Beerus to a showdown on Earth. Meanwhile, Bulma gathers all the fighters from each universe and organizes a tournament. The winner will receive one wish from the dragon, and Goku is chosen to represent Beerus’ team.

Team Beerus:

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Goku – The main protagonist of Dragon Ball Super. He has trained with his master Whis for years and now is able to become a super Saiyan god. Goku is about to participate in the Universes 6 and 7 tournament, which will determine who gets to use the super dragon balls.

Whis – Beerus’ master and friend of Goku. He is also Beerus’ teacher and teaches him martial arts. He has powerful abilities, but hasn’t shown them yet in Super.

Vados – The great-granddaughter of Whis. She is very powerful and can easily destroy someone with a single finger. Vados has an assistant who goes by the name of Camber.

Team Universe 7:

Vegeta – Vegeta has always been Goku’s rival, but in Super they are on equal footing since he also underwent some training with Beerus and Whis. Vegeta is Bulma’s husband and they have a son named Trunks.

Bulma – Bulma is Vegeta’s wife and the mother of their child Trunks. She creates new technology for them such as the gravity machine, which she uses on Yamcha to see how strong he has become.

Goku – Goku is one of the Earth’s protectors, along with Vegeta and others. He possesses strong abilities and has always been a fighter who wants to be the best.

Trunks – Vegeta and Bulma’s child. He will be seen participating in the Universe 6 and 7 tournament, but it isn’t known if he’ll actually fight or just watch.

Cabba – Goku meets Cabba after the tournament is over and they become friends. He’s one of the strongest fighters from Universe 6 and has a transformation just like Goku does.

Beerus – Beerus is the God of Destruction and lives on a planet called ‘Wish Orbs’ which looks like a cat’s eye. He has a brother named Champa and together they are searching for the super dragon balls.

Team Universe 6:

Hit – Hit is the strongest assassin from Universe 6 and he’s about to participate in the tournament which takes place on Earth. It isn’t known what his objective is but it seems like he wants to kill someone… maybe even Goku. He is great at martial arts just like Goku, Vegeta and others.

Frieza – Frieza has come back even stronger than before! It isn’t known who is stronger between him and Goku, but in Super he has a golden transformation.

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