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Do you love watching movies? But during these times you might worry about going to the cinema hall due to the covid situation and crowd. You can thank technology for this because you do not need to restrain yourself from watching your favorite movies and shows anymore. All you need is a projector screen that can make you experience a theatre-like feeling at home. However, with a wide range of such products available in the market, you might find it challenging to choose the right projector screen for your home. But you need not worry anymore because Andoer presents you with premium quality projector screens for home or business quality visuals. This screen is ideal for meeting rooms, presentations, calendar-type screens, and home cinema. The shared information about the product will help you make a wise decision whether this product is valuable for you. Have a look.

Bring Theatre-Like Feeling At Home With This Superior Quality Projector Screen

The Andoer makes this projector screen with high-quality fabric with a matte white finish for better picture quality. This white screen comes with black borders. The screen reflects every bit of light falling on it; thus, it recreates the zoomed version of the projected pictures. The Andoer projector screen comes with rods on both the lower and upper sides. You can fold this screen manually by rolling the lower rod with your hands, and it increases the durability of the screen and keeps it flat for a more extended period. And when you roll the lower portion of the rod with your hands, it significantly decreases the screen’s damage because of frequent pull and release. The package also includes hooks, by which it is easy to hang the screen on the wall. All these features make this product valuable for multiple purposes such as educational, business, and entertainment purposes. Buy this Andoer projector screen for creating a home theatre with superior quality and a clear vision of pictures.


  • Brand name: Andoer
  • Portable: no
  • Screen Type: Screen Wall
  • Format: 1:1
  • Material: Matt White
  • Model Number: H60 60 Portable Projector Screen
  • Package Includes: 
    • Projector Screen (1)
    • Double-Sided Adhesives (6)
    • Sticking Hooks (6)
A screen shot of a man


  • Andoer designed this product specially for easy wall installation with hooks and adhesives. 
  • You can fold this screen into smaller parts to save space, and it also allows easy ways to take it anywhere you go.
  • The visual area of the screen offers optimal image and color reproduction for upgraded visual qualities.
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  • It will require maintenance at regular intervals.


You can not find a better solution for a theatre-like feeling at home than a projector screen. Then, do not wait anymore and get this multi-functional and superior quality screen for your home or business quality visuals.

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