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Everything About Blackmail Manga Comic

blackmail manga comic

For fans of Japanese fiction, blackmail in manga and anime is of immense interest. This is because blackmailers can be depicted very realistically, whereas, in American media such as films and television, the villain tends to be more comic-like. The former is done to make the story more appealing to the audience, whereas the latter is done to shock and fascinate the public. In Japanese culture, blackmail is a very traditional and widely practiced form of negotiation between individuals.

Masamune Asanuma


Masamune Asanuma is the artist behind this masterful comic series. He has given us some of the most classic and endearing characters in the manga. His previous manga series includes Dragonball, Big Hero 6, Rave Master, Prince of Tennis, One Piece, and Black Butler. It takes great effort to create such compelling characters. His ability to bring out the subtle humor and human nature of his characters makes his works of fiction stand out.

Chapter One

The story starts in Chapter One: Kenji, a blackmailer who works for a blackmail organization, gets a visit from his old friend Mikiya. Mikiya warns him that he will get blackmailed if he doesn’t do as he promised and give over the information he needs. With this warning in mind, Kenji goes to a beach to relax, only to have his boss threaten to fire him if he does not comply with their demands. To make things worse, he is soon promoted to supervisor and told that he would lose his job if he fails to complete his assignment. He flees to America and starts a new life with his daughter Natsuru, where he plans to work as a bounty hunter.

Chapter Two

As Kenji continues to work hard to complete his task, he realizes that he underestimated the power of blackmail. He threatens his blackmailer with a gun pointed at his head, but Mikiya manages to talk him down to using a less drastic approach. The two fight, and Kenji eventually gain the upper hand. Mikiya thanks her friend for saving her but warns him not to get into more trouble. Kenji agrees not to go after the blackmailer again but tells Mikiya he would go after anyone she wants him to. Mikiya relents and gives out another threat, then shoots Kenji in the kneecap.

Chapter Three

Mikiya contacts Kenji once again, threatening to reveal his past experiences if the blackmailer does not cooperate with her. Kenji tries to convince her not to contact him, but she ignores him. The two fight, and Kenji end up losing. Mikiya then tricks him into thinking that she has died, which activates a panic attack in him, rendering him useless against her. Mikiya later finds a loophole through which she attacks him with her “death” technique, though both are left weak and tired after the battle.

Chapter Four

Mikiya contacts an old friend of hers named Minoru. She asks him to help her locate Kenji and arranges for Minoru’s plane to pick him up. As the plane is taking off, Mikiya gets up to check on Minoru and finds him unconscious on the plane. After he awakens, he realizes that Mikiya has put a knife in his back. The two fight, with Minoru using his belt for leverage, Mikiya uses her charms.

Chapter Five

Mikiya finally gains the upper hand, but she accidentally kills Minoru in the process. He runs off to inform Kenji about what has happened. Mikiya follows him, but instead of telling him what she did, she tells him she wants to give him a promotion and asks him to take care of her. However, when Kenji tells her that he will not do it, Mikiya snaps. In anger, she kills him right in front of Kenji.

Final Lines

This is blackmail, a manga written by Yuichiro Nagashima, is an excellent follow-up to a manga series. In this one, the mangaka adds more twists to the story and expands on the spy genre. The manga has excellent artwork and is a great read. Plus, it is often funny, which much manga are not. We recommend this to anyone who likes a good story about a spy, a bit of romance, and lots of action.

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