Famous Japanese Anime Comic Books

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In our childhood, we all were fans of comic books and anime series. We all love to watch some of the other cartoon serials. There is no doubt that Japanese comic books or anime series are the best in all of the anime series or comic books when it comes to popularity. Japanese anime comic books have their way of creating their characters and storylines, which are unique in their way. Anime is not only loved by kids but is also loved by adults. So many adult boys or girls still love to watch their favorite anime serial or love to read their favorite comic books, which they used to watch or read in their childhood. It is like reliving their childhood days. Or, most of the time, a way to lose their stress.

Moreover, many Anime comic books or shows are still running with their latest storylines from the past 10-15 years. Japan has many famous anime comic books for which people are insane. These areas following:

Dragon Ball

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This is the most famous anime comic which has ever been created in Japan. People from all over the world love this comic. It has been running with an anime show based on an anime comic for the last 15 years. Its latest season has come just two years back, which was “Dragon Ball Super.” It is one of the unique anime ever written or created in the world. It has taught people the importance of determination in training in life. One can achieve greater heights or overcome any problem with solid judgment and hard work, just like Dragon Ball characters do.


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This is a ninja-based anime comic that is loved by the people who love to watch ninja-themed manga. It had one of the most explosive sales in 2006. The story is about Naruto, hopeless as a ninja and developed excellent ninja skills after this writer has also started another story named Boruto as Naruto’s son.

One-Punch Man

This is one of the most famous Japanese manga among foreign fans. It is a comedy superhero-based manga which stars a character named Saitama, who always behaves like a fool. Still, he is the most robust character in the whole manga, which has the incredible power of beating any enemy with a single punch. It is a fascinating contrast. It is shown by showing the main hero as foolish and powerful on the same hand.


In the end, we all love to watch these anime-based serials and love to read these comic books. Still, we should not only entertain ourselves but also learn from them as most of the series shows us how these characters overcome their problems by sheer determination and discipline in life. Further, these comic books are not only written to entertain people; these are written or published to educate people too, by showing the hero’s hard work. If one can build these qualities in him, he can overcome any life problem and become successful in his life.

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