Funny Naruto Manga Comic Books

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While Naruto delivers the laughs just fine on its own, the fans can’t help but give their own takes on the characters to help out. One thing that fans of anime can always count on is the fact that other fans like themselves will always be ready to poke fun at the series that they all love. These talented artists are unsung heroes of the community and are a great part of the reason that it’s so fun to share a common love for things like this.


A close up of a toy

Yuuchyan, an artist on Tumblr decided to give an abridged version of the beginning of Naruto and two of the title characters’ old interactions with one another. This comic is hilarious just because of how spot-on it is. Sasuke has always been one of the edgiest characters in the series and when paired with Naruto’s exaggerated excitement, it’s a recipe for hilarity. The absolute best part of this comic is the fact that Naruto responds to Sasuke’s very extra revenge goals with the fact that he has 8 dollars.


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Automeru, an artist from Twitter gives us our first comic on the list featuring Neji, Rock Lee, and Tenten and believe it when it’s said that there’s going to be a lot featuring these guys. A lot of fans really draw on the amazing chemistry of this team and put together some hilarious comics. This one in question draws on the fact that Neji makes a quick transition from dark to soft after the Chunin Exams arc. It’s hilarious to see Rock Lee and Tenten’s reactions to such a fast change.


Tumblr’s Kumeramen created one of the more basic comics but it’s definitely hilarious all the same. This comic is a redrawing of a very popular meme that has a father singing in the car with his very annoyed children. One child is about to lose it while the other is basically telling them to “leave him be.” This comic replaces that family with Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke and places them each in fitting positions. Of course Naruto is singing the very popular Naruto intro, “Fighting Dreamers” which is a great touch.


For those that are familiar with the hit adult cartoon series King of the Hill this comic may hit home harder than it will for others. The “pocket sand” moment from Dale Gribble in the show quickly found its way to the world of memes and became very popular. It was redrawn by Mokuton-Kun of Tumblr to create this great comic. Of course this version replaces Dale with Gaara who quickly defeats Rock Lee during the Chunin Exam with his secret technique. That secret technique is the ever-illusive pocket sand, straight from the school of Dale.


Dgesika from Tumblr created this hilarious comic that perfectly summarizes Sasuke’s relationship with he and Sakura’s daughter Sarada. As many Naruto fans know, in the new sequel series Boruto, Sasuke and Sakura are a thing and have had a daughter. While Sakura has a great relationship with her things are different in the case of her deadbeat Uchiha father. This comic takes that and shows what probably happens to the two on a regular basis with Sasuke trying his best to make things up to his daughter.

These are some Naruto comic books you can read.

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