Gay Anime Comic You Should Read - Much Better Than Movies - Gay Anime Comic You Should Read - Much Better Than Movies -

Gay Anime Comic You Should Read – Much Better Than Movies

gay anime comic

Gay amine comic, popularly known as Yaoi (male) or Yuri (female) anime in its origin country, has a well-built fan-base of its own. Intriguing and expressive this genre is a part of popular culture.

Readers who are new to anime comic may find this genre of gay anime comic strange and too vivid. But expert advice (regular readers) suggests that once hooked, it becomes a part of the daily routines. Anime has gained immense popularity worldwide. It is in recent times due to the increasing use of social media among youth that gay anime comic or anime, in general, has gained popularity.

What is Gay Anime Comic all about?

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Gay anime comic is a genre specifically targeting the female audience. Ironically it is mostly written by females too. A more common term for gay anime comic is Boys’ Love (BL) in Japan. It features homosexual relationships between people of the same gender and is a term Japan uses for all sorts of relationships, despite them being sexual or not.

Titled as Yoai manga or Yuri manga, the term manga refers to comics and graphic novels created to serve both adults and children. The portrayal of homosexual characters in gay anime comic is awarded to be realistic for the most part. Many gay anime comic books focus on LGBTQ struggles, sexual and gender identity and their relationships.

The Popularity Of Gay Anime Comic

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There has been a rapid increase in the popularity of anime comic, especially among the younger audience. Dramatic fight sequences, romantic heart eyes, hair flying in slow-motion, all of it is what defines anime. With more and more countries coming out in support of the LGBTQ community, gay anime comic too has been accepted widely with immense popularity and high viewership.

Anime has become a part of the mainstream culture in America especially. So much so that popular OTT platforms have acquired rights of numerous anime series.

5 Famous Gay Anime Comic

Madman Combo – Gyeja, the author writes about a man who has been kidnapped by mysterious gangsters and how it unfolds.

Jyoshikou Dakara Safe – This comic of the comedy genre includes a slice of life. Author Ouchi writes about two girls attending an all-girls school and the tension between them.

The Barefoot Nina – Written by Chomji this romance novel is sure to keep you on the edge. The novel narrates the story of a young girl forced to change school and how she meets an unexpected girl full of dark mystery there.

Ge’s Spirit Weapon – Based on a novel by Shui Qian Cheng, this comic is written by author Chang Pan Yongzhe. It is a fantasy adventure of 12 sacred ancient beasts.

Chibi Demo liyo – Author Kusuru Haiji narrates this story about two high-school best friends and how their relationship evolves.


Gay anime comic is a genre of the time. One of the most written and read genres in the anime world, gay anime comic has become more popular than ever. From small, upcoming authors displaying their story-telling skills with this genre to OTT platforms adapting anime for their screens, it is a genre celebrated by all.

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