Get This Incredible And Easy-to-use Plug n Play USB Cardioid Microphone For Podcasts And Live Streaming

Either it is a podcast or live streaming, or even for your Youtube Vlog or Videos, the sound is one thing that should be audible. A clear voice that can hear easily, without any disturbance it can attract the audience toward you or your streaming. But finding a Mic Set at a reasonable price is not an easy task, so here we have a deal for you; consider using ‘Plug And Play USB Cardioid Microphone For Podcasts And Live Streaming.’

As the name suggested, it is Cardioid Microphone that is great for recording your vocal; it has a front-focused pattern that isolates unwanted ambient sound, i.e., noise coming from omnidirectional, and only captures your voice as a sound source. Its connectivity is also simple; you can easily connect it to multiple devices like computers and mobile via an adapter. Its durability and long-life service are the things you should consider at this reasonable price. Buy a plug and play microphone today!


• Microphone-Core: 16mm Dia Condenser.

• Sampling Rate: 192kHz/24bit

• Sensitivity: -38dB+/-3dB

• Frequency: 30Hz-16KHz

Package Contains Microphone and Other Accessories.

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Sensitivity: It is highly sensitive but also due to its front-focused pattern, it captures voice from the front as first preference.

Connectivity: Can be connected up to multiple devices via adapters.

Audio Quality: Produce crystal clear audio without capture noise which is ideal for the podcast or different type of streaming

Durability: Its durability and long-lasting life make it a perfect deal at a reasonable price.

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Not an omnidirectional: Not being an omnidirectional microphone, it captures the sound coming from the front most of the time; maybe its a con for someone but not for other

Need an adapter: You have to connect it through an adapter while connecting to mobile devices.

Too much sensitivity: Being too sensitive sometimes captures unnecessary sound, even from the front end, i.e., breathing, etc.


 If you are willing to start your podcast or live stream, and searching for a quality Microphone at a reasonable price, then this might be the deal for you that will last longer than you think. Its voice quality will never let you down, even by a margin. This mic catches everything in front and squares all the other things.

This front-centered example will allow you to point the mic to a sound source and separate it from undesirable surrounding sound, making it ideal for live execution and different circumstances where commotion decreases and input concealment is required. It is a USB Mic that means you don’t have to buy lots of other tools; it is very easy to set up. This USB Mic is portable and works cross-platform, so if you buy this, you will be able to use it on your Mobile Devices, PC, Mac, iPad, and laptop with minimum fuss. Order it today and give a new dimension to your voice quality.

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