Here Are The Best Animated Films Of All Time

best animated films of all time

Animated movies are most assuredly not just for children. In fact, from the past records, we can easily figure out that adults fall more deeply in love with animated films than kids. Also, we must acknowledge the fact that there’s nobody who needs a break from real humans more than adults; isn’t it?

Moreover, this article is definitely going to make you feel nostalgic as here, you will find your all-time-favourite animated films. Whether you are looking for the films with visually striking computerized animation or for the ones with artful stop-motion, here you will find everything. So, are you ready for the thrill? Yes?

Which Are The Best Animated Films Of All Time?

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This article is primarily aimed at bringing the best-animated films of all time to you. After a lot of research and analysis, we have prepared an exclusive list of the best animated movies of all time. It is as follows:

Toy Story: Any list of the best animated films would not be accurate and complete without Toy Story – the first released project of Pixar Animation Studios that changed the entire game of animated films in Hollywood. In fact, this is the same film that ushered the Hollywood film industry to an all-new era of entirely digital animated movies.

The Lion King: This film has always been a cult. It wouldn’t be wrong if we call it the most popular animated film of all time among the millennials. From its legendary characters to great dialogues, this film has everything that won’t let you move when you are watching it. The Lion King leaves no emotion untapped and anyone would love to watch this great animated film again and again.

Here Are Some Other Great Animated Movies

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Hercules: This movie has an extremely uplifting and amusing soundtrack which makes it one of its kind and an all-time-favorite. It is a great musical film inspired by Greek Gods and anyone who watches it end up becoming a fan for sure. So, have you watched it yet?

How To Train Your Dragon: You can call this ‘DreamWorks Animation’ film a sweet story with phenomenal animation as well as voice acting. These aspects make ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ one of the best animated movies of all time. Moreover, this film is about a Viking teen who looks forward to becoming a dragon slayer in order to gain the trust and acceptance of his tribe. You must watch this enticing tale on screen!

You Must Watch This As Well!

Coraline: It’s a stop-motion horror film based on a novella by celebrated English author Neil Richard Gaiman. As the title suggests, this film is about Coraline, a young girl who discovers an alternate universe within her new house. It is definitely one of the best animated films of all time and a must-watch.


We hope that you found all those films and the info about them fascinating. It must have given you a trip down the memory lane and made you feel nostalgic; isn’t that right? Moreover, if you still haven’t watched any of those above-mentioned films, we’d say you must go watch it right away!

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