How Comic Book Based Movies Are A Good Source Of Entertainment

comic book based movies

Meta – Comics are the favorite books we always choose to read as a kid. They have some deeper and softer corners in human publishing in American culture.

You can find comic books at every newsstand, book stores, malls, and boutiques worldwide. No doubt that comics are very interesting and entertaining, but animated cartoon movies in the past have replaced comics books.

Kids, youngsters and even adults are attracted more towards comic books based movies which they can enjoy with 3D glasses in theatres. They are gaining more crowds these days as the parents prefer to take their children to theatres to watch their favorite characters on the big screens and be entertained there. It has gained much popularity because of the slangs, lingo’s, and inside jokes that have been dialogue in the movie in a very funny way.

Comic books also play a funny role in our life. We laugh more by reading it. So it is the most suitable and convenient option for today’s generation as nobody has time for their own.

Why Have Their Movies Replaced Comic Books?

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Do you know that comic book-based movies are the highest-grossing films of the time? Some comic book companies like Marvel, DC, and Image are shifting from printing books to making cartoon movies because they now see themselves in the queue of bankruptcy. No one prefers to read comics in front of comic books based movies. And it is seen that the people who are buying comics books are just comic enthusiasts and nothing else.

Let’s now look on to what are the reasons that make people go crazy in comic-based movies.

The main reason why people are shifting more to comic book-based movies is that we are living in a generation where instant gratification and laziness rules, and no one loves to read nowadays as they find it less interesting and much more time-consuming. On the other hand, if we look at the animated movies while watching on big screens with many twists and turns makes us curious about what will happen next moment, it keeps us entertained.

Comic books might take a very long time to get completed, and it may also confuse us at some points. If you are not a regular reader of your comic book, then it might have a possibility that your work might be in vain. Comic book-based movies, unlike books, do not confuse at any time as you watch your character on the big screen with proper dialogue, and it just needs 3 hours to watch the movie.

Pricing Of The Movies

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When you think about a comic book, the first thing that blows your mind is its pricing. Comics books are far much more expensive than movies. People need to spend 400 to 500 INR to read the book at their homes, and the moviemakers are offering the anime movies for just 200 to 250 per ticket and that too in theatres.

So from the above article, we know that comics books are great but slowly and gradually replaced by their cartoon movies as people seem more excited when a movie has been released than a book launched. The advanced technology has made us addicted to it, that’s why now the books attracted fewer people, but the theatre attracts more.

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