Manga Comic Book: Where To Start Reading? -

Manga Comic Book: Where To Start Reading?

Best Addictive Anime Series

Manga comic book is gradually grabbing the attention of worldwide readers. In every bookshop, you can find some shelves that are solely dedicated to displaying manga books. Though the versatile book stores do not have a large collection of manga books, they have the most popular comic book series in their possession. If you do a close watch on the bookstores, then you might find some bookstores that are solely dedicated to manga comic books. But, if you are confused about which one you need to start the journey of the manga comics, we are here to help.

Manga Comic Book: Where To Start Reading?
Manga Comic Book: Where To Start Reading?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Best Manga Comic Book

If you are a beginner in reading manga comic books, then you should begin with Fullmetal Alchemist. Everyone wants to read adventure novels. But when it comes to the graphic novel, it becomes more exciting for the readers. When you will be reading this, the comic book will take you to such a world where alchemy is the ruler. The story centers on two brothers – Alphonse and Edward. By the time of their mother’s resurrection, Edward loses his limb and Alphonse loses his body in a tragic accident. You would join them in their adventures to find the philosopher’s stone. They need to find it for restoring their health.


If you have some otaku friends, then we are pretty sure that they have asked you to go for this comic book. Naruto is probably the most popular manga comics across the world. It is such a large one that more issues of this series are yet to release. When you are reading Naruto, you would be part of the adventures of being a ninja. A powerful fox named Nine-Tails attacked Naruto’s village in his childhood. They had killed a lot of people that included his parents as well. Not only that, but the demon trapped Naruto without informing him about the truth. Gradually he involves himself within different missions, exams, and training.


Bleach is not only famous as a manga comic book, but it has been an inspiration for different types of things. Not only feature films and video games, but even rock musicians have also been inspired by it. After Naruto, probably Bleach is the second manga comics that has gained such popularity. Ishigo is the protagonist of this series. He can see the spirits with his bare eyes. In some situations, he can turn to be a Soul Reaper too. He feels the responsibility to guide people through the afterlife with this special power. Not only that, but he also vows to protect mankind from evil spirits and other harmful things.

Manga Comic Book: Where To Start Reading?
Manga Comic Book: Where To Start Reading?

Manga Comic Book: Bottom Line

Apart from these three series, there are lots of manga comic books that you can start as a beginner. For instance, DeathNote, Akira, Black Butler, or Blue Exorcist can be some exquisite choices for beginners. If you are more into the kind of science fiction, then you can check out Astro Boy as well.

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