Manga Japanese Comic Book - When You Enter The World Of Manga - Manga Japanese Comic Book - When You Enter The World Of Manga -

Manga Japanese Comic Book – When You Enter The World Of Manga

manga japanese comic book

Roger Sabin’s book Adult Comics like a Manga Japanese Comic Book, first published in 1993, was one of the earliest scholarly publications about comics. Sabin mostly focuses on formal issues. Sabin defines what a comic is and discusses some of its key features. He makes many important points in a few short pages – read this extract very carefully.

Graphic Novel

A graphic novel is usually a long comic narrative written for the mature target audience. This is usually published in the hardback or paperback as sold in the Bookstores. The graphic novels may have serious literary genres and some sophisticated art pieces.

Manga Japanese Comic Book

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A comic is read for entertainment purposes. It is usually like a book or a column printed in newspapers or magazines. Today’s young generation read comic books that are of sci-fi genre that involve superheroes. Comics are a set of work where both words and pictures can be worked together to tell a story. It can also be considered an example of modern work.

Although cartoons and comics have a fluid relationship however they two are different. A cartoon is a single panel of work that describes a single event or character, whereas a comic is an entire story where illustrations are sequentially placed to form an entire story.

The three types of languages found in comics include the image dominant metaphors, the matter for that have textual dominance, and the complementary metaphors. Depending on the theme of the comic, the language and interpretation are decided. The decision is influenced by the target audience as well. For example, content wherein there is a dominance of image is chosen for the comics that are supposed to be read by kids.

The Analysis

While Sabin says the comics are for entertainment purposes, the authors Duncan and Smith say that comics can act as a medium for the leaders and the subject present in the book. However, the main differences between the comic strips and the comic books rely on how the reader perceives them. the comic strips are preferred by the users who focus on illustration rather than the text. on the other hand, there are leaders who focus on the textual explanation of the illustration just in case they are not able to understand what is portrayed in the illustrations. in such cases, comic books should be required.


According to Duncan and Smith, they say those comic books actors as a medium to communicate the history, form, and culture of any concept. The comic strips can look like a single panel present in a string format that consists of four panels usually. One can also expect 10 panels if it is a Sunday comic strip. On the other hand, Tera comic books presented in a multi-page format. Usually, there are 20 two pages in one issue. Then there are graphic novels that are extended comic books, which have more than 75 pages in one volume and focus is on one story.

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