Manga Rock Comic- All You Need To Know

manga rock comic

If you like reading manga then you must be aware of the story of manga rock.If not here is the story for you. The manga rock was a website for the readers in which they could read manga comics for free. All around the world people read and manage comics without paying a single penny for any of the comics. It became a very popular site around the world and people used it to read comics without paying money to the creators or the publishers of the comics.

This hurt the creators and the publishers who decided to take a stand against manga rock. The app understood the concerns and decided to rebrand the app to manga rock comic. Manga rock comic was designed to support the people who created the content and also stop the distribution of the plagiarized content that was there on the previous website of the group.

Why Was Manga Rock Shut Down?

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The app was launched about a decade ago by some college students who were excited about distributing the app to millions of users and they decided to settle on manga. There were numerous people who downloaded the app and read manga on it. It became a very famous manga scanlation aggregator and millions of people started reading manga for free here.

After seeing the popularity of the app, the creators wanted to do something more with the app. They also realized that they have been ignorant to the feelings of the people whose content they had posted for free on the app. So, they decided to remove the pirated content from their page and rebrand it to Manga Rock Comic.

What Happened To Manga Rock Comic?

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When the creators of the app decided to shut the app down they tried to shift the readers to a paid yet affordable version of the app. But, they did not want Manga Rock to be a part of them anymore and they also did not want people to read the pirated content on it while they develop the other app so they decided to close down the whole website and app.

They have decided to launch a new app that will support all the creators and will make the free users legitimate users that will pay for any manga that they wish to access. The makers of the app are still working on the Manga Rock Comic which will be a 100 percent comic app for all the comic lovers.

What Is Happening Now?

The publishers of the site have launched the new app called INKR where the readers can go and read the manga of their choice. They have collaborated with publishers like North American comic and manga publisher Tokyopop, FanFan, Comic Loft, and Tan Comics so that they can launch their content like webtoons, mahua, and comics digitally.


This is the story of the Manga Rock Comic that is still under development and there is no news regarding the launch of the app until now. The manga rock app and the website has been shut down and you will see the apology poster on it when you go there. There is still no word regarding the Manga Rock Comic but if anyone wants to read manga at a reasonable price ten they can download the INKR app from the google play store as well as apple play store.

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