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It’s bad news for movie fans who want the next Spiderman movie now. But the bad news is also good news if you’re a fan of Marvel comic books. Because the bad news is the likelihood of three Spiderman movies in future years is very high. The good news? It’s time to get all excited about the possible Spider Man spinoffs we could see in the future.

Marvel Comic Book Movies

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It was just a year, or so ago, Variety reported that Disney and Marvel were “increasingly optimistic” about a fourth Captain America blockbuster and future Spiderman movies. Now Variety reports Disney and Marvel are “actively” working on spinoffs featuring therocross characters, the wacky anti-hero Team captains Peter Parker and Iron Man, as well as a new villain to take the place of the Green Monster. If you’ve been paying attention to the latest Spiderman comics, then you know how much fun the character is (aside from the odd spider-bite nightmare). So if you want to be a part of the Marvel cinematic universe, now is definitely the time to get into production on a new Spidey movie!

That leaves us with two major franchises left to announce the arrival of comic books in the Marvel cinematic universe: the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Both are sure to be huge hits with audiences of all ages, especially the X-Men. There are already tons of popular franchises surrounding the X-Men, like the Spiderman franchise and the Wolverine franchise. But the new, up-and-coming Fantastic Four has the edge over those other comic books. And we’ll break down the pros and cons of Fantastic Four here.


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First, let’s get into the pros. The biggest one has to be the sheer scope and size of the movie. Spider-Man 3: Homecoming is going to be the biggest spectacle Marvel has put out to date, and it’s going to have a huge effect on the future of this series. It gives the audience something to look forward to every single month, no matter where the film is released. And since we’re talking about the future, the next Fantastic Four movie will put even more pressure on the X-Men series…

The other huge benefit of the X-Men: Origins is that it serves as a preemptive strike against any potential X-Men 3 plot twists. That’s right, the writers of the comic book saw the events that occurred in the original X-Men movie and took notes on how they can be translated into the big screen. They knew this could happen, so they laid out a few hints early on in the film. And while it didn’t ruin the overall quality or story of the film, it did allow the audience to have a little more of a reaction to what could potentially be a huge shock for fans. If this movie does well at the box office, then there will be a lot more opportunities for the X-Men to be spun out into their own spinoff films…

Benefits Of Spider-Man 3

Of course, the other big benefit of Spider-Man 3 is that it will be the start of a long, successful franchise. Although X-Men: Origins was a big hit, there are still many people who feel as if the animated Spider-Man series is not up to par with the comics. But as I’ve said before, the interconnectedness of the Spider-Man comic books and the animated series makes them almost impossible to compare. And even if the quality is not quite there in these films, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would compare Spider-Man 3 to any other comic book event that has come before it.

But even beyond the future of these comic book events, there is another benefit to these films, which very much lies in the future. Because of the success that Amazing Spider-Man has already garnered, there’s a real chance that the next sequel could become a blockbuster, regardless of how long it takes for them to come out. The reason behind this is a simple fact that Amazing Spider-Man paved the way for the X-Men franchise to become as huge and successful as it has been. It showed that superhero movies could be profitable and popular, and the future of these films is looking very bright. Not only will they continue to make major hits, but their success will inspire other studios to create similar, if not better, movies in the future.

Bottom Line

So while there are no guarantees with any of these box office successes, there is a great deal of faith that the future holds a lot of surprises. For instance, The Wolverine, which opens in late February, looks to be a very promising sequel to Amazing Spider-Man 3. Wolverine will be pitted against an arc of anti-heroes, which could include Cable, X-Men, Professor X, and Wolverine himself. With Hugh Jackman, Elizabeth Olsen, and Michael Douglas, The Wolverine should perform well at the box office, even though fans have been debating whether or not X-Men: Days of Future Past was as good as its predecessor. Regardless of what people think, the reception of Amazing Spider-Man has been overwhelmingly positive, which bodes well for the future of comic books and movies in general.

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