Marvel Comics – Punisher Max Game Review

punisher max

Yes, Punisher Max is great. No, Punisher Max isn’t canon. It’s a self-contained game within the Punisher franchise, with all the benefits that brings with it. But first, let’s take a look at what makes this game so great.

First of all, it’s really amazing how far technology has come when it comes to motion detection in games. The first games were basically just games where you ran and jumped, hoping you would make it through an attack. The Punisher series came out before games became as realistic as they are today. But Punisher Max takes this one step further.

One of the first things that I noticed about Punisher Max is that it actually featured some good motion detection. In fact, I loved the sense of realism that the game had, despite being set in the future. Not only were the crowds in North America looking at me like I was some kind of alien or cyborg, but they were also reacting to my moves, giving me a real sense of reaction. This is important because it means that Punisher Max gives off the feeling of reality, even though it’s set in the future.

Another key element to the game is that it feels like you’re a part of the storyline. The storyline revolves around the Punisher killing someone (most likely Wolverine). He then leaves town to live in Japan, where he lives in isolation. He starts a new life, working for a mysterious masterless samurai, who wants him to defeat Wolverine. As you can guess, things go bad, and Punisher Max has to go against his master and complete his mission.

As you would expect, the story is intense, and full of violence. In fact, the violence in this game is way more realistic and gruesome than you would expect. It makes you feel like you’re part of the action – like you’re killing people and getting paid for it. Wolverine has never been quite this tough. The wolverine is also given a few different weapons, each one having its own purpose, so you never feel like you’re fighting solely with the wolverine.

The other interesting aspect of the game involves a large army of Chinese soldiers. You have the option to either recruit them, or attack them directly. As you battle through the game, you find the large army slowly forming behind a large mountain, which is guarded by a huge temple. Once inside the temple, the monks start to attack the army as well, but wolverine arrives just in time and fights them off with his big gun.

Bottom Line

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With a new mission coming up, you return to the previous area, only this time you’re armed with the Punisher Max. The objective here is the same – rescue the imprisoned monks, and destroy the Chinese military presence in the area. Once again, the Punisher Max turns on the enemy, and this time he is not backed up by any kind of advanced weaponry. However, he still has plenty of trouble beating the soldiers – even with his new, berserker-like legs. Overall, the game is a fun experience for all ages, and you will be able to see why the Punisher Max is featured in so many online and print comic book roundups. If you enjoy playing super heroes in video games, this game provides a great outlet for you to do just that.

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