Marvel Super Heroes Are Bigger Than Fictional Character

marvel super heroes

The Marvel Super Heroes, together with DC Comics and Dark Horse, was founded in 1939 and is one of the big three American comic book companies. It’s no surprise, then, that they’ve been synonymous with American superheroes since their reintroduction in 1961 with the Fantastic Four.

We look back on over 50 years of the most famous Universe, with a vast roster that sells the idea of a heroic community (particularly the downtrodden mutant population). 

Here’s a rundown of the most well-known Marvel characters.

Captain America 

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Despite what his MCU counterpart might let you believe; Steve Rogers is officially the lowest on this list. While Captain America in the movies possesses superhuman strength, the super-soldier serum in the comics merely pushed Steve’s body to the limit of human physical capacity, meaning he is the strongest human without being superhuman.

Black Panther

When compared to other superheroes, Black Panther’s abilities are pretty limited, similar to Captain America’s. Yes, the heart-shaped herb gave him incredible strength, but the amount of power he gained was comparable to the effects of the super-soldier serum. T’Challa, like the other Black Panthers, has possessed a level of strength that is just above human capacity.

Iron Man

What? Is Iron Man more powerful than Miss America? Yes, technically, because, while we can argue that America Chavez is in the Marvel universe’s higher tier of strength, we can only guess at her power, whereas Iron Man is expressly said to be in the “100 tonnes and up” category. But, because this strength scale is merely a starting point, let’s present our argument.

We all know that Tony Stark is only an ordinary human being when he’s not wearing one of his numerous Iron Man costumes, but his strength is enhanced to superhuman proportions when he is. He is one of the best Marvel Super Heroes


The Web-Slinger himself, Spider-Man, leads us into the second tier of super-strong heroes. Spider- Man is frequently described as the proportionate strength of a spider, implying that if a spider were the size of a human, Spider-Man would be that strong. The jumping spider is the world’s most robust spider, capable of lifting 170 times its weight.

The Vision

The Vision possesses a variety of superpowers, one of which is density manipulation, which grants him additional abilities like super strength. Vision has above-human power at his base density, but his maximum weight limit rises to 50 tonnes when his density increases. Again, we have a superhero with the same weight as Luke Cage, so what makes him more powerful?

The Hulk 

How could you have missed this one? Of COURSE, Hulk would be the first choice; do we need to explain our case? The Hulk’s strength is obtained from his anger; therefore, the more enraged he becomes, the more powerful he becomes, potentially extending his power to infinity. If he ever faced a superior opponent, he would become enraged at the fact that he was losing, then summon the strength to defeat them; it’s that simple.


So, here’s a list of the top Marvel super heroes, along with their abilities.

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