My Favorite Stop Motion Animated Movies

great animated films

Finding great animated films that have not yet been released on DVD is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Many of these films come out each year, but they are usually not the best ones. Some of them are very bad, while some are just plain silly.

Spirited Away And The Princess And The Frog

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Spirited Away and The Princess and the Frog are two of the better examples of this. Spirited Away is a fantastic film directed by Disney’s Animation team of Don Herta and Mike De Luca. It is about a little girl thrown into a tower and has to learn how to get out of it using her magical powers. The animation is so detailed that you could almost think you’re in the movie.

The Perfect Length Film

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The Princess and the Frog are other great animated films ever made. It is the perfect length for the feature-length animation. It will leave you hanging on to every single word, and you will be humming it even after seeing it a second time. Both the kids and adults will enjoy this fantastic feature-length animated film. It stars CG animation and live-action and is an excellent example of how good it is to make feature-length animated films.

Toy Story Movies

Another great animated film that you should check out is the Toy Story movies. These are the must-see films on this list. Both of these are highly discussed and released on DVDs right after their respective release dates. Woody Allen and Mike De Luca did a great job in the first film, while Tim Burton elevated it to another level with the second. Both of these movies are favorites among kids and adults, and you should own both if you can get your hands on them.

Parry Gee

Other great animated films that you might want to add to your movie list include Parry Gee’s Parry Gee animated comedy, The Iron Giant, and Walt Disney’s Finding Nemo. The former features Tim Burton’s voice, while the latter is a pretty much family-friendly film about searching for Nemo. Both of these films have pretty much been loved by children, and many consider them to be the best-animated films of all time. The animation is truly remarkable, and these two films have made kids notice how great animated movies can be.

Dreamworks’s Cars

If you are looking for a little independent animation, you might want to check out Dreamworks’s Cars. You might not like Cars, but this film is an example of how great Dreamworks has become in the animation department. This film features some brilliant special effects, fantastic animation, and it just makes you want to sit down and watch it over again. It’s a huge hit, and pretty much every kid on earth has seen this one.

The Iron Giant

Another one of my personal favorites is Disney’s The Iron Giant. This is easily my favorite animated film of all time, and I would recommend watching it. If you’re going to make an animated film, you need incredible animation, and I believe that The Iron Giant falls under the category. If you like the Cars films, you’ll love this one, as well as everyone else who’s seen it.

Summing Up

Hopefully, this article has given you something to think about when it comes to choosing a stop-motion animation to watch. I have mentioned only a few of the most famous examples in the past, and I am sure that there are many more that you will love. Keep in mind that they are only a few of the options, but if you love animation, you should consider checking out some of the best Disney and other studios have to offer.

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