My Top 10 Favorite Comic Book And Movie Characters

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Top Comic Book Movies often receive little attention when compared to their debuts. But with the new release of Captain America and Iron Man, this can change. These two movies are the two biggest draws at the box office this year and they also happen to be some of the best comic book movies ever made. So where do you rank these two movies in terms of your personal top comic book movies?

Best Comic Book All The Time

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In my opinion, the top comic book movies of all time are Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Both of these films received critical acclaim and won three Oscars including Best Picture. While Batman Begins is a bit of a misfire, The Dark Knight is absolutely incredible and the perfect installment of the Batman franchise. It also stars Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, and much more. For the most part, The Dark Knight doesn’t receive enough love from people who love comic books.

The big surprise here is The Amazing Spider-Man. This superhero epic stars Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. No one was quite sure what to expect after the disastrous Amazing Spider-Man film and the poor reception it received. But The Amazing Spider-Man truly reinvigorates the superhero genre and is easily the best comic book movie to date. It features the greatest Spider-Man story ever told in the pages of a comic book.

The Dark Knight – A Superhero Movie

The Dark Knight is another great superhero movie starring Batman as the main star and featuring countless memorable and popular actors (Anne Hathaway, Tom Hanks, and Russell Crowe). Though it didn’t receive the same critical acclaim as its predecessor, The Dark Knight nevertheless is still a definite must-see movie. Its story is incredible and very emotional, while the acting and special effects are spectacular. I especially like the visual effects when they cut towards the end of the movie…

The third part in the Batman franchise sees Batman facing off against Bane, played by actor Heath Ledger. Though Ledger’s Bane is more of an upgrade than anyone else from the previous Batman movies, this is still a thrilling and intense fight between the Dark Knight and the maniac who want to rule the city. My personal favorite is the Joker’s terrifying reveal at the end, ‘I’m your daddy; I made you the king.’

Iron Man – The Best One

Of course, the granddaddy of all comic book movies, Iron Man, has been around since 2021 and star Robert Downey Jr. As the sole heir to Tony Stark (who was actually dead during the movie), Iron Man has to deal with robotic terrorists, robotic soldiers, and even a mad genius who may not have a robotic army himself. Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t had a lot of success lately when it comes to building iconic characters and stories, Iron Man easily makes its place as one of the top comic book movies ever. This was also the first movie where we saw Robert Downey Jr.’s face behind the mask, and if his portrayal of the character is anything to go by, then we’re in for quite the ride in the future.

Summing Up

In addition, they are both written by Greg Berlanti (who also wrote the Cabinets and HBO’s The Sopranos), giving them an extra degree of respectability, which is always a bonus. Plus, what makes these movies so great is that the writers handle both the story and the acting/comedy so well that it almost seems like two different movies. Both Kick Ass and Sin City have a similar theme – a small town high school where crime rules, and a secret organization run by a girl (Hilarie Steinfeld) that wants to rule through violence. But what makes these movies different is how each one builds up its own source material (or sources, if you’re reading the comics). While both main characters are subjected to the same kind of violence, the nature of it is radically different. With Kick Ass, there’s some nudity and a bit more suggestive (but not too suggestive!) language, with Sin City it’s all about the flashing lights and cars…

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