NetFlix Animated Movies For Kids

netflix animated movies

NetFlix animated movies are great movies that are ideal in telling long stories that you’d be able to narrate, making use of old-fashioned yet sophisticated cartoon action. There’s a lot of quality animation and live-action movies being put online these days, and the company has already become a global phenomenon. The company started about five years back as an American company. Back then, they just put movies like Kung Pow Enter the Fist and Shrek on their streaming service. Now they’re putting out movies from Spongebob Squarepants to Iron Man 3.

NetFlix Animated Movies

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This is how NetFlix became the world’s top entertainment source for the whole family. If you have kids, then you know that they love watching cartoons, whether it’s on television or on the computer screen. And with the recent craze about original animated films, many parents have started looking for ways to take their children to see the best-animated movies on DVD. So here are some of the best-animated movies for kids that you can bring along on your family movie night:

Spirited Away

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Directed by Disney legend Ralph Bakshi, Spirited Away is the first-ever animated film directed by a Disney producer. Aside from the amazing animation, this is also a well-written film filled with heart-pounding emotional drama. In spite of its cartoon look, the story is highly inspired by Japanese fairy tales. This makes it a great pick for parents who want to show their children how important friendship and love are in life.

The Incredibles

One of the most beloved movies ever made by Pixar (the makers of Cars and Finding Nemo), The Incredibles is the ultimate animated family film. With a combination of witty dialogue, unforgettable characters, and great special effects, The Incredibles is a must-see film for anyone with kids. The best way to enjoy all of the terrific action and humor in this movie is to watch it with young children. This is because they’ll understand what all the fun is about. But if you don’t have small children, you can always just enjoy the story on your own. You’ll find that there’s plenty to laugh about despite the fact that it’s one of the best-animated movies for kids to date.


Another classic Pixar film, Cars is a brilliant example of how animation can be carried into a live-action film. The Cars series is a long-running hit with both children and adults. Aside from the terrific story and animation, Cars manages to entertain because of the cars themselves. The car designs in Cars are so realistic that you may even mistake them for the real thing. It’s no surprise that Cars is a staple of Academy Awards ceremonies and has been voted the best-animated film of all time.

Finding Nemo

This is one of the best-animated movies for kids to go online and watch. The Disney film made more than just one billion dollars over the summer. Kids go online to watch movies like Finding Nemo because it’s a great animated film. It’s also just one of the best-animated movies for kids to watch because it deals with the issue of father and son. This is a movie that any parent should be able to watch with their kids because it’s a wonderful family-friendly film that kids love.

The Princess and the Frog

This is another fantastic Disney film that you shouldn’t miss out on. If you want to see a good romantic comedy with stunning animation, then this is the film for you. A lot of parents also rate The Princess and the Frog as one of the best-animated features that their kids go online to watch. The Princess and the Frog take place on the island of icebergs, where a princess falls in love with a frog. The beauty of the cartoon is that the animation comes together very well. It’s one of the best features that Disney put out in many of their current animated features.


One of the unique animated films of all time, Moetron is a hilarious comedy directed by Eric Carle and starring Ed Harris and Carrie Fisher. It’s a wonderful and lighthearted film that lots of kids go to see. It’s a great introduction to some of the classic animated features that Disney has put out over the years. Even if you don’t like Moetron, you should definitely check this one out.

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