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new anime movies

New anime movies are always the talk of the town. We wait with bated breath to see what they will be like. Recently there have been some good movies released that have pulled in a number of followers. However, these flicks can only have so much appeal and they always need a dedicated following in order to be successful. With this mind, let’s take a look at some of the recent successes that have come our way.

One of the most talked about movies is the brilliant The Girl With the Pearl Hair. Directed by Kiyo Takahashi, this is an original story that follows a young girl who gets captured by the mafia. While she is being held captive she meets a mysterious man with a mysterious past. This is just the first of what promises to be many amazing anime movies that will capture your heart away from the TV screen.

Due to the superb voice performances, the visual design, and the overall atmosphere this is a definite must see film. As with most movies streaming from the hulu network, you must own a membership to watch this film on the streaming platform of your choice.

Meet The Filmmakers

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Another fantastic anime movie recently released was Meet the Filmmakers. Starring in this movie is Daisuke Enomoto (Giant Swing) and Liana Kerzner (Kuromitsu). This movie has a rather unique plot that is based off of a real event. The movie took a somewhat different route from the original fantasy-adventure genre. With an amazing cast, and fantastic direction this is definitely worth your time.

One of the most bizarre anime movies I have seen lately was Psycho-Pass. It stars Keanu Reeves as an average Japanese citizen who somehow finds himself in a position of possessing psychokinetic powers. In order to control his new abilities he must fight against several other “gae eaters” who want to use the power for their own nefarious purposes.

Although the story is a little far-fetched in places it did capture my attention and kept me watching the end credits. The animation, while not mind blowing, did help to build some fantastic scenes. The music is decent, although there were a few times when it was too slow and that could be a problem for some viewers.

Movie From Dreamworks

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The Legend of the Galactic Heroes is the newest streaming platform movie from Dreamworks. Starring in this movie is none other than George Clooney as Captain Kirk of the Enterprise as well as Will Smith as his son. This movie did a rather poor job at building up the characters, although its main villain did provide some great screen time as well as some interesting fight scenes.

One of the most anticipated anime films of late is the long awaited Akira. This is the prequel to the famous anime series of the 2021’s, Tokyo Xanadu. Akira revolves around the young, budding martial artist detective of the same name, as he tries to stop the notorious crime lord, Shadaloo, from taking over the city. It also stars Takeshi Furuta as the blue-eyed boy who was mistakenly presumed dead in the first place and is now on a mission to find out what happened to him.

Ghost In The Shell

Another recent movie that has been receiving a lot of attention is Ghost in the Shell. This anime film delivered a pretty good story premise and is one that fans have been debating since it came out. Sets in 2090 Japan, Ghost in the Shell follows the life of a young woman called Tosca who works at a data file storage facility.

As she obtains more information concerning the recent corporate theft in her company, she begins to develop feelings of fear and anxiety, but is told by her superior, Dr. Paulson, that she should be happy because the company has invested billions in furthering their research into artificial intelligence. In an attempt to stop the company from going under, Tosca must fight her way through both her past and present while trying to bring about a peace between mankind and machines.

Wrapping Up

The story seems to flow chronologically rather than organically, and the acting and directing were not that great. But overall, Ghost in the Shell was a well worth watching movie, and the combination of excellent animation, excellent story and strong acting performances, made it a definite must-see film. Its well deserved success will no doubt encourage more Japanese directors to come forward and give us some great anime movies worth seeing.

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