Princely Anime Girls That You Would Like To Follow -

Princely Anime Girls That You Would Like To Follow

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Anime girls are the center of attraction for every viewer. Every anime consists of some girls that can be the point of motivation in real life. Besides that, there are some girls who are physically girls, but they are completely masculine in nature. Also, the creators often add the charm of a fairy tale prince to it as well. This type of girl is known as the princely one. If you are ditched by some guy in real life, then you can obviously opt for being friends with these princely anime girls. Today, we will be taking you to the world of these girls with whom you can be friends with.

Princely Anime Girls That You Would Like To Follow
Princely Anime Girls That You Would Like To Follow

Shizuku Ashuu: Mostly Preferred Among Anime Girls

Shizuku Ashuu is the vital character of Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku. If we get to the English translation of it, then it would be the Magical Girl Rising project. You would not be able to find a lot of transgender characters in the anime or manga books. But Shizuku Ashuu is such character. If you are a woman, then smile would be spread on your face when you would be studying this character. But she is not the central character of this anime series. Instead, Koyuki is the heroine of it. Shizuku is like the knight to Koyuki. She thinks that Shizuku can save her whatever be the situation.

You can idolize the character of Shizuku because of her chivalrous nature. She helps out any needy situation while putting on a happy face. But when she is not a magical girl, she transforms herself into a high schoolboy.

Tsuba Katsuki

Tsuba Katsuki is another ideal one among the princely anime girls whom you would want to idolize. She is a major character from the manga named Comic Girls. In order to have an idea of the character of Tsuba Katsuki, you need to understand the storyline of these comics. The central character of this manga is Chaos who is a teenager. She tries to publish her works in a magazine, but she fails every time. After failing for a number of times, her editor sends her to a dormitory for girls in order to get some inspiration. Tsuba is the roommate of Chaos in that dormitory. She teaches chaos different things that she requires to know for getting published.

Princely Anime Girls That You Would Like To Follow
Princely Anime Girls That You Would Like To Follow

Tsuba is such a character who is actually a boy no matter if she is a girl physically. The whole thing becomes complex around her and ultimately the rise of feminine ends the graphic novel. If you fall for Tsuba Katsuki by yourself, then you might be willing to go on dates with her. Besides that, she would be like a boyfriend to you as well. She is capable enough to give you advice when you are in distress as well.

Bottom Line

These kinds of girls in the anime series can help the viewers to find motivation as well. Ultimately, you would be able to end up while being capable enough for the best performance.

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