Scary Manga Comic You Should Explore This Season - For Manga Fans - Scary Manga Comic You Should Explore This Season - For Manga Fans -

Scary Manga Comic You Should Explore This Season – For Manga Fans

scary manga comic

The term “manga” has its significance from the ancient past as it was coined in the seventeenth century but came into prominence in 1814 when the artist Katsushika Hokusai used it as a title sketchbook titled “Hokusai Manga”. However, the first comic “Tetsuwan Atom” that was coined was only in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka. The first scary manga was “Classic Comics” published by Gilberton Publications in the year 1943. Scary manga is not so popular because of its disturbing and horrific portrayal of artists. It has its popularity among a few groups of people, and the market for scary manga has been firm since 2010.

Difference between Manga and Regular Comics

Manga is different from the regular comic books in so many ways like-

Manga has its origin in Japan, whereas comic books were first popularized in the United States during the 1930s.

Manga is mostly story-oriented, whereas the regular comic books that are popular are mostly character-based.

Manga being black and white is affordable compared to regular comics that are colorful and thus expensive than the manga.

Manga is associated mostly with those stories that end to them, whereas the popular regular comics are mostly continuing in nature.

The manga’s main feature is that the reader has to read them from right to left, unlike the other comics.

Different Genres of Manga

A close up of a light

The different genres of manga are-

Shonen- This type is mostly targeted towards tween and teen boys.

Shojo- This type is mostly targeted towards tween and teen girls.

Seinen- This is the type of manga that is targeted towards adult men aged eighteen plus.

Josei- This type is made for adult women members of the society.

Kodomomuke- The type of manga popular and made for kids is Kodomomuke.

Scary Manga Comic

The scary manga revolves around characters like ghosts, villains, and even vampires.

Horror has gained importance and is now a mainstream genre that is preferred by the people.

Scary manga comic has been a niche part of the printed sketch comedy. People sometimes find this type as disturbing due to the horrifying portrayal of the ungodly characters.

The black and white sketches make it even more terrifying for the reader as the image seems to be more see-through with the sketch. The comics are sometimes used as a base for many movies and dramas.

The reader’s visual imagination plays a key role while reading a scary manga as the characters and images in the comic book are not scary enough. Still, if you visualize it exactly as written in the book, then the terrors are supreme. The blood-filled images and the scary description of the bizarre characters are not enough to create a sudden jump unless the reader lacks the power of imagination.


Despite being a flick and turn to know the sequence, the comic writers tend to create enough appeal to glue the readers until the end, which sometimes causes elevated heart rate because of being scared or excited.

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