Scary Short Films Will Give You nightmares

oscar winning animated short films

If you’re looking for some great animated films, you should definitely check out some of the Oscar Award winning animated shorts. Animated short movies are some of the best films you can find anywhere. They are a fantastic treat for children and a great way for grown ups to enjoy some good film. Here’s a list of just some of the great Oscar winning animated short films you may want to look into.

Wreck-It Ralph – The Disney Cartoon

Disney’s Oscar winning cartoon Wreck-It Ralph is the perfect movie for those who enjoy all sorts of animated characters in their movies. The film will have you laughing from beginning to end as a result. You’ll laugh at the funny situations and story lines, and you’ll also love the amazing character design and the lightness of the cartoon animation. It really gets to its best moments when the comedy hits its peak.

Another fantastic Oscar winning short film is Big Hero 6. This is another movie that everyone seems to love. You’ll quickly forget about the fact that it’s actually a short film. Instead, you’ll be taken with the incredible story line and everything that make it so special. With an amazing plot, and great character designs, Big Hero 6 easily earns the nod as one of the best Oscar winning animations of all time.

Know About Spirited Away

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Spirited Away is a wonderful example of how animated films can work and some of them are just that. This is a great film that anyone who has seen it loves. The short length helps it reach a whole new level of success. These kinds of short films almost never reach the big screen because of how short they are. It will always be remembered as a short classic though.

Another great black and white film that is worthy of mention is The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s not a scary film by any means but it is still one of those that are very memorable. There are some great clips that will stick in your head and remind you of this wonderful film. It definitely ranks right up there with the other great black and white films of course

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is one of the scariest films you will ever have the chance to see. It’s so short that it’s amazing. It’s one of those films that you either love or hate. You definitely want to see it. One of the best things about it is that despite being only a short film, it manages to pack a lot of fun into a short period of time.

The audience for these kinds of films are much older and usually of the older generation as well. However, that doesn’t matter because the makers of these films always manage to entertain without ever letting their audience down. You can always tell that they’re trying to keep something interesting about. It’s not just a kids’ film, even though they were made for children.

Bottom Line

Now don’t just limit yourself to these types of scary short films. I recommend anything from “The Shining” to “The Ring”. They all offer something new and will keep you scared for hours.

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